Join Denver Firefighters for the Fit for Fire 5K run/walk/Siren Scamper kids’ fun run

Talk with Denver Firefighters, watch live technical demonstrations, try on their gear, and get some exercise in Wash Park! Friends of the Denver Fire Department, the Denver Fire Fighters Burn Foundation, and the Denver Fire Department Wellness Program present the 5th annual Fit for Fire 5K walk/run/kids’ Siren Scamper fun run on Sunday, September 14, at Wash Park, 1700 Louisiana Ave. Registration opens at 8:00 a.m. The Siren Scamper kids’ fun run is at 8:45 a.m., and the 5K begins at 9:00 a.m. Sign up at Strollers and pets are welcome. Parking is available at South High School.

All proceeds support victims of burn injuries and wellness programs for Denver firefighters. The Friends of the Denver Fire Department foundation ( supports Denver’s Fire Department with direct resources and improves public safety by increasing public awareness of the Fire Department mission and services. The Denver Fire Fighters Burn Foundation ( is a firefighter-based non-profit organization that provides immediate assistance to citizens suffering after a fire and supports burn prevention and treatment and survivor support and recovery.The Denver Fire Department Wellness program strives to improve the physical fitness, health and wellness of firefighters through enhanced education, research and training, leading to minimized injuries, enhanced job performance and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Why is fitness so important to firefighters? We focus on cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and mental health. Nationally, heart attacks are the leading cause of death for firefighters. Firefighters wear/carry 75-100 pounds of gear into a fire and that doesn’t count the weight of any people who need rescuing. A few examples:

  • A hose without water weighs about 30 pounds.
  • A helmet, boots, jacket, and pants weigh about 20 pounds.
  • A breathing apparatus with air bottle, face piece, air regulator weighs 30-35 pounds.

Denver Firefighters routinely respond to incidents in high-rise buildings 20 or more stories tall. The firefighters search every floor, climbing stairs instead of riding the elevator to avoid getting stuck in a mechanical malfunction or electrical fire.

Good physical conditioning and preventing injuries saves firefighters, the Denver Fire Department and therefore the taxpayers trauma, time, and money on rehabilitation and worker’s compensation costs. Last year, the Denver Fire Department implemented a new in-house physical therapy program that treats firefighters like professional athletes to help them avoid injury and rapidly return to work post-injury.

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