HRCP’s Denver Office of Nonprofit Engagement Selects New Group of Local Community Members to Serve in its Energy Efficiency Advisory Board

 04/29/2024 | 08:45 AM 
Photo of Energy Efficiency Advisory Board Members joined by HRCP Staff Members at the April 2024 Meeting

Photo of Energy Efficiency Advisory Board Members joined by HRCP Staff Members at the April 2024 Meeting

DENVER – The Denver Agency for Human Rights & Community Partnerships’ Office of Nonprofit Engagement (D-ONE) is proud to announce the nine new members now serving on its Energy Efficiency Advisory Board (EEAB).

For nearly two decades, selected local professionals working in fields ranging from nonprofit, energy efficiency, and waste management, to education, and community outreach have served in the EEAB to ensure that the City and County of Denver’s energy efficiency initiatives are actively addressing the needs of Denver’s underprivileged communities.

The newly appointed EEAB members are City and County of Denver Council President Jamie Torres, Grace Lopez Ramirez, Senior Area Manager and Community and Local Government Affairs at Xcel Energy, Scott “Hutch” Hutchings, Director of Government Affairs at Waste Management, Inc., Jeff Tejral, Electrification Manager at the Denver Office of Climate Action, Sustainability & Resiliency, Samantha Mooney, Education, and Outreach Coordinator at Mile High Youth Corps, Rebecca Spence, attorney at D.E. Shaw Renewable Investments, Inc., Elysa Goldman, Program Manager at the Healthy Homes Program for Energy Outreach Colorado, Kam Jaspal, Director of Strategic Development at GRID Alternatives Colorado, and Cindy Chang, Executive Director at Groundwork Denver.

Thanks to the city’s Franchise Agreement with Xcel Energy approved by Denver voters and established in 2006 through 2026, the board’s primary role is to provide D-ONE with advice on how to manage the annual funding allocated to the city’s Energy Efficiency Program. This program has provided numerous local nonprofits with education and resources to establish services that can directly benefit low-income residents in Denver. In 2022, the Energy Efficiency Program served over 2,500 households and the nonprofits that serve them and helped our community save more than $248,000 in energy.

The new members are currently working on identifying key areas and factors that will help them strengthen relationships between the energy conservation sector and our underserved communities. Visit for more on its Energy Efficiency Program, EEAB board members, meeting agendas, minutes, and annual reports.

 About HRCP’s Denver Office of Nonprofit Engagement (D-ONE): Created in 2004, D-ONE serves as the liaison between the City and County of Denver government and its nonprofit sector. D-ONE is committed to increasing the capacity and sustainability of the nonprofit sector and achieves those objectives by delivering training and workshops, targeted programming, improving internal contracting processes, and facilitating funding.

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