Homeopathic First Aid Care for Animals with Dr. Keri Brown, ND

BOULDER, CO — 8/8/2108 — When a doctor is more than an hour way, our skills in providing care for ourselves, our animals and others is more important than ever. This workshop is more than just a glance at natural medicine; it is designed to help participants bring about quick healing – naturally and safely to those animals who are injuries at home, work, on the farm; on the highway… anywhere an accident occurs.

Knowing the homeopathic treatments available and having them on hand can dramatically improve the health outcome for both minor and major accidents when used wisely and at the correct time. This workshop is designed to teach health independence in the most effective use of natural medicine that goes far beyond bandaging. Used for animals and people, these remedies can significantly help relieve distress and discomfort as a result from injuries. 

Over 25 first-aid situations and their symptoms can be addressed using these remedies. From car accidents too food poisoning, puncture wounds too rattle snakebites, sprains too paw trauma, they can be used safely on an array of symptoms to help our furry friends to recover. 

Marty’s Meals and Dr. Keri Brown, ND will be hosting a workshop on the proper use of Homeopathic First-Aid Care for Animals SAT, AUGUST 25 at 1-4pm. The workshop will be held at Marty’s Meal (natural pet food) 2750 Glenwood Dr., Boulder and cost $40.00. The most effective homeopathic remedies to reduce pain and help animals heal will be presented in this 3-hour course, including the knowledge building a natural first-aid kit. Come join Dr. Keri Brown at Marty’s Meals and make 2018 a great year to achieve health knowledge with actionable information and take-results that have the power to heal naturally. Dr. Brown has been practicing natural medicine since 1988 and teaching sustainable living classes for over 20 year.  

For further information or to reserve your seat, register at www.wideawakewellness.com or 970-889-3541.

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