Home Upgrade Project for WWII Purple Heart Veteran

Qualified Listeners, a Veteran & Family Resource Hub based in Weld County, organized efforts to upgrade the home of a Sterling, CO World War II Purple Heart Veteran.

Baxter Arnold served in the U.S. Army 102 Infantry Division for three years fighting in combat in northwestern Germany and was awarded two Purple Hearts. When his home needed modifications due to health and mobility issues, Qualified Listeners was contacted for assistance.

Through a grant from the Home Depot Foundation to cover materials and supplies, Qualified Listeners partnered with Sterling Home Depot to execute the project. The project included replacing a bathtub with a walk-in shower and grab bars, as well as new toilets that are higher and more water efficient for both bathrooms in the house. Porch guard rails were replaced and a fresh coat of paint was added to the guard rails and around the porch. Gutters were cleaned and repaired, internal and external handrails were installed, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors were replaced, and flower beds were weeded.

In addition, Qualified Listeners coordinated volunteers from the Sterling community to donate their time in completing the project, including a donated lunch for the volunteers from a local restaurant.

“We’re very, very grateful and just overwhelmed by what these people have done, just because they want to do it,” commented Carol Arnold, wife of the Veteran. “We would encourage any Veterans that have questions or concerns on anything for Veterans to contact Qualified Listeners.”

“The more we get into this and the more we help veterans, the more we see the need and it’s not just simply home improvement. It doesn’t matter what you need, call us”, adds Greg Goettsch, Founder and Executive Director of Qualified Listeners.

To learn more about Qualified Listeners, call 720-600-0860 or, visit www.QualifiedListeners.org.