Home Care Assistance’s Life Enrichment Guide

At Home Care Assistance, we’ve rounded-up our favorite enrichment resources to provide a healthy mind, body and spirit during this challenging time. In a world where social distancing and shelter in place orders are the new norm, it’s imperative that we do whatever we can to reduce isolation among the seniors we serve…and that we care about deeply.

As Champions of Aging Well, we have created a comprehensive Life Enrichment Guide for our community partners that is full of fun and meaningful activities. We hope this guide will provide enrichment for you, and for your residents and family members in areas you may not have explored if it weren’t for social distancing. With every challenge comes an opportunity and we hope you embrace this one with us as we brave this new world together.  

We are sharing this link that was sent by Juliana Young of Home Care Assistance of Douglas County. How to engage while socially isolated, a Life Enrichment Guide: Promoting Engagement and Stimulation While Socially Isolated. 


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