Home Care Agency Provides Free Services for Retired Veterans and Spouses

 06/01/2015 | 09:47 AM 
Mrs. Tennie Frass 'Ninny'

Mrs. Tennie Frass ‘Ninny’

“As a young boy in the mid 80’s, I remember making home visits to my then 85 year old, great-grandmother, Mrs. Tennie Frass, also known as ‘Ninny’ to us kids.  Every Saturday, I would pick up groceries, mow the lawn, do the dishes, fold clothes and even ‘dust’ for a whopping $5 bucks!  At the time, I was doing it to 1) make my mother happy and 2) to be ‘a good boy’, however little did I know, I was really Ninny’s ‘Caregiver.’  As the years went by, I noticed every time I made a visit, she would be confined to her la-z-boy chair.  It was several years later that my mother learned she was unable to walk and was physically crawling from room-to-room with no one around to help.  Soon after, it was time for Ninny to be removed from her residence and into a nursing home where she could get the care she needed.  Today, over 30 years later, it chokes me up just thinking about her and the daily struggles she dealt with.  Like others, she would act like everything was OK, never letting us know her painful, depressing and bleak situation. Even more disturbing is knowing the fact that even back then, there was a benefit for Veterans and their spouses to get help at no cost.  You see, Ninny was a widow of a World War II Veteran, George Frass, who served in the US Army from 1942-1944.  This would have undoubtedly qualified her for help through a benefit that already exists.  Even today, it makes me wonder- how would my Ninny’s life been different if help was provided 2 hours a day, Monday through Friday?  Not just on Saturday, but every weekday of her life!  Obviously, we will never know, but today it’s my goal to introduce this benefit and how our company can help Veterans and their spouses with needs such as these.”

Steve Lee

Steve Lee

Co-owner and founder of Veterans Aide at Home, Steve Lee is on a mission to help Veterans and their spouses with free home care services through a VA benefit that already exists.   Steve went on to say: “Our goals as a company are two-fold; 1) to help Veterans and their spouses gather the necessary documents to submit to the VA and 2) once the benefit is entitled, we provide the professional caregivers they deserve.  Since we’re a licensed non-skilled home care agency and we have VA Accredited Agents on our team it’s a perfect opportunity to address these goals and many more.”

So how do they do it, offering free care to those Veterans and spouses that qualify?  Have you heard of a ‘not-so-popular’ benefit called the Aid & Attendance through the VA?   It’s been around for decades, when Congress passed Title 38 of the United States code creating the Department of Veteran’s Affair which authorized benefits for Veterans.  One of these benefits was the Aid & Attendance (a.k.a. the  A & A) that was designed to provide non-medical care for those that qualify long after the war.  An incredibly powerful benefit that covers the non-medical expenses of light house cleaning, bathing, meal prep, laundry, transportation, medication reminders, companionship and much more.  One can even see a short segment from NBC’s Brian Williams about this benefit amazing that no one knows about it. (You can view the video clip on Veterans Aide at Home’s home page.)   Imagine getting several hours of help each day that doesn’t cost you anything!  So what’s the catch?  There is none, but you do have to ‘qualify’ and they can help with that!

Eligibility or qualification requirements include any Veteran and their spouse over the age of 65, Veteran must have served 90 days of active duty and at least one day during wartime, be honorably discharged, must have  a medical condition causing them to need assistance with daily activities and lastly they must have limited income and assets (excluding home and car).  Defined war periods can be reviewed on their website but include World II, Korea and Vietnam.  Also, they ask you don’t pre-judge your situation because each client and situation is different, so we encourage you to contact Veterans Aide at Home  and let their staff make that determination.

For the record, some home care agencies are considered ‘skilled care’ which include RN’s and LPN’s coming frequently to the clients’ home. Upon each visit they perform medical tasks such as vitals, wound care, medication management, etc.  Let it be known, they do not offer these services, nor does the A & A benefit help pay for this type of care.  Again, they are specialized in providing ‘non-skilled’ home care to hopefully ‘keep you at home’ opposed to a nursing home, assisted living, etc.  They can do it, plus care can literally start in days.

Traditional methods of getting ‘entitled’ through the A&A can take literally months- who has time to wait?  However, another unique offering through Veterans Aide at Home is they can start care quicker once they get the green light from their VA  Accredited Agent.   Veterans Aide at Home not only provides the care early but there is no-risk to the Veteran or spouse while the claim is in process. The important thing to understand is that you can start care within days opposed to months with their unique program.  Plus, they monitor the life of the account and stay compliant with the VA so you can continue to receive your benefit. yes, for the rest of your life!

A bit more about the company.  the Co-owners have over 40 years of combined experience in medical device sales, nursing and clinical roles, sales executive roles and overall management experience and plan on making a nationwide presence in the near future.  They have a mission to search, find and introduce compassion, comfort, and dignity to each and every Veteran and spouse that comes within their path from now and in the future.  Plans are to start in Denver and end up in every major city within the United States!  They have a BBB- A Rating plus they are licensed by the State of Colorado Health Department to cover the entire state.  Also, each Caregiver they hire is insured and is required to go through a 150+ point background check AND a 14-panel drug test that includes popular prescription medications.  Their Caregivers get tested upon hire, annually and at random to ensure clean, compassionate Caregivers are within your home and/or taking care of your loved ones!

To learn more, please visit or have a loved one visit their website at www.VeteransAideAtHome.com. Also, they hold Workshop Events where you are invited to learn more about the program in-person.  They meet the second week of each month at multiple locations (VFW & American Legion) throughout the Denver Metro area.  Visit their website for times and locations.  Besides all the great information about the program and company, you will find yourself swaying to great music a classic from 1942 titled ‘I’m Making Believe.’

In closing, if you don’t have internet access, you’re encouraged to call their office at 720.326.0319.  In most cases, your eligibility can be determined with a simple 5-10 minute phone call!  Remember if you neglect to call or visit their website to move forward, then you’re potentially throwing away a benefit that you or your loved one earned with blood, sweat and tears derived many years ago.  So please reach out to this company when time permits.  The entire staff looks forward to serving you!

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