Holistic Path to Wellness

Because you’re constantly reacting to the world, it’s easy to notice what is happening right around you. You respond to what you read in a letter from a friend, what you hear in a phone conversation, what you learn on the television evening news about what’s going on in other parts of the world. You are part of that world. You’re touched by everything that happens. Think of the WHOLE WORLD as made up of inter­relating parts and you are one of those parts. You are a WHOLE PERSON, made up of interrelating parts that are constantly affecting each other.

The Physical You (your body) – your tangible structure and the five senses that enable you to touch, see, hear, smell, and taste the world around you.
The Mental You (your thoughts) – your knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs. Your analytical self. The Emotional You (your feelings) – your range of emotions from fear and anger to love and joy. The Spiritual You (your spirit) – your relationship with yourself, your creativity, and your life purpose. Your relationship with a Higher Power.

These four key aspects of who you are work together like mem­bers of a team. For the team to be effective, each member (each as­pect of your WHOLE SELF) must have its needs met and must be able to work in harmony with the other team members. When one team member has a problem, the other members are touched. Your life gets out of balance Your awareness of the interacting of these key aspects of who you are is a powerful tool you can use to figure out what might work best to get things back into balance and harmony.

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

Example of how this might work

What if you lack energy all the time and never feel like doing anything? A check up by your doctor doesn’t find anything wrong with you physically. Then you notice that your mental state is less than ideal. You’re having a hard time making decisions. Your emotions are also out of balance, and you’re feeling sad more often than you’re feeling happy. And when you look at your spiritual self, you realize that you have no sense of life purpose.

You don’t feel like you matter. If you work hard to find some­thing that will “make your heart sing,” you can make a difference (however small) in the world. This establishes your life pur­pose. It will help you feel better about yourself. Then you find that you’re happy more often than you’re sad, and with your confidence growing, you find it easier to make good decisions. Now you wake up each morning feeling eager for the day, feeling excited about what you can do today. You discover you have the energy and motivation to go out and do things.

Here, your spiritual team mem­ber was the core, or root cause, of your challenge. Once you took care of the spiritual member of your team, the other members of the team could get back in harmony with each other and function in your best interests.

When any aspect of our self is out of balance, it will let us know. We are in charge of our team. We can use our new under­standing and look at each of the four key aspects of the WHOLE – our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves – until we understand which member of the team has the root cause. Now we come to our “aha!” moment. We know what we need to do

Use what you’ve learned here as your guide to nurture the team member that’s out of balance. Use the other team members to help. By giving every member of your team a chance to partici­pate, you can help yourself be well.

Enjoy the benefits when all members of your team are back in harmony. That’s what WELL­NESS is.

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Continue walking along your path to enhanced WELLNESS.
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