Holiday Activity Ideas

During the holidays, seniors often experience feelings of isolation and loneliness, so it is important to keep them active and involved. Try to include your loved ones in the family holiday preparations and activities.

  1. Cook a favorite meal together. Prepare a dish the senior loved as a child or once prepared as a holiday tradition. Involving the senior in the process, instead of making it for them, allows the senior to feel helpful and needed.
  2. Make a family cookbook. Either organize recipes the senior has stashed away or hunt down some of their favorites from family members. This can also help you prepare dishes they will enjoy and be comforted by.
  3. Set up a Christmas tree or Menorah. Decorations add so much to the holiday season. Help your loved one feel at home during the holidays by setting up their Christmas tree or Menorah with them. Again, having them help you put ornaments on the tree or plugging in the lights can make the senior feel helpful and involved.
  4. Drive to see the beautiful holiday lights. Taking a senior loved one – especially a senior who can no longer drive – on a drive through town can be a delightful experience.
  5. Watch old family movies together.
  6. Play a favorite board game. It is important to get seniors minds engaged by playing games or doing puzzles. Interaction is important for seniors, especially during the busy holidays.
  7. Take a walk down memory lane. Holidays bring back memories, and seniors often find great joy in having someone show interest in them and their past. Whether itÕs looking through photo albums or just sharing stories, you can help the senior in your life feel loved and involved with this stroll down memory lane.
  8. Address holiday cards. Sending holiday cards is a wonderful way to keep in touch with family and friends. Holiday cards are a simple and thoughtful gesture that can help seniors to stay in contact with people they might not otherwise keep up with.
  9. Sing carols with friends and neighbors. During the upcoming season, encourage the senior in your life to get together with friends, family or neighbors and sing holiday carols. Carols can be enjoyed anywhere, in your neighborhood, a downtown center, or even a living room gathering.
  10. Bake holiday treats. The holidays are filled with wonderful traditions, especially traditions that can be tasted. Most seniors have holiday favorites from when they were kids or from family reunions. Find the seniors favorite recipe and help bring some holiday cheer to their home and heart. If you live far away from your loved one and cannot be with them for the full holiday season, try encouraging them to join a senior group in their area. Long, cold winters and holiday seasons often bring depression and isolation, so it is important that seniors feel connected and active.

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