High Waters Around Clear Creek

 05/30/2014 | 03:38 PM 
Rising water in Clear Creek

Rising water in Clear Creek

Wheat Ridge, Colo. — The Wheat Ridge Police Department is asking all patrons along Clear Creek in the Greenbelt or City parks to be aware of the potential for high water in those areas.

Because of high temperatures, heavy rainfall in the past week and increased snow melt in the high country and along the front range, Clear Creek’s potential for rising, swift water and flash flooding increases greatly. The warming temperatures are expected to cause rapid snow melt which can result in swollen river banks and flooded footbridges.

Although the Wheat Ridge Police Department’s Community Services Officers will be
monitoring the water levels through Wheat Ridge, residents and park visitors should be on
the lookout for rising waters and should never attempt to cross flooded paths or bridges.
Please note that tubing and swimming are always prohibited in Clear Creek through Wheat

Our Community Service Officers also suggest that everyone exercise extreme caution when
playing near Clear Creek’s edge, especially when small children and animals are involved.

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