Helping Good Neighbors Resolve Waste Disputes

When getting older, looking after the house and yard gets more difficult. It’s even harder when illness and financial problem take their toll. Income goes down, the ability to do things yourself goes down, but the waste builds up. It’s not easy to maintain a home without money or physical ability. Other times a neighbor just does not care and fills their yard with junk, rusting motors, and more. This affects the whole neighborhood, so don’t let it just sit there. Together, you can fix it.

Why Waste Resolution is so Important
It’s easy to say that person’s home is theirs to do with as they wish, and that’s the right of every American. However, when it comes to waste it affects the whole neighborhood and the local environment. Also, sometimes it’s not the person’s fault that it’s built up. Here’s a few reasons why it needs removing:

  • Water Contamination: toxic materials leaking into local water sources killing or contaminating the whole ecosystem.
  • Soil Contamination: waste can pollute the soil and plants, possibly poisoning whatever eats them too.
  • Air Pollution: organic materials decompose on a microbiological level producing a nasty, garbage smell.
  • Vermin: Garbage attracts animals including rats, foxes, and some birds who spread the material over the wider environment.
  • Diseases: If left untreated, this can make the area filled with potential diseases such as malaria, typhoid, cholera, and gastroenteritis.

It’s worth noting that organic and inorganic waste can both cause leachate and other problems as mentioned above. It is also worth noting that even one house with a garbage issue can cause bad mental health and poor municipal well-being.

How to Resolve the Issue with Your Neighbors
Luckily, we were able to resolve our issue with the neighbors. Sometimes the creation of large amounts of waste comes not from a lack of care, but due to poor health and finances. There are some steps you can take as a neighbor, to try and help them cope with their waste issue, including:

  • Conversation: Approach your neighbors sensitively and speak to them about the issue. Bear in mind some may be nervous or proud and others may be aggressive or they might ask for help.
  • Educate: Present the problem to your neighbor, even in a small group, and also the solutions.
  • Working Together as a Neighborhood: is there a way for you all to come together and fix the issue?
  • Speak to Authorities: This can be a means of finding out what other help is available to your neighbor.
  • Companies: Some companies like a good PR story, so why not get in touch and see if they can help in anyway.
  • Charities: Speak to local mental health and other charities to help support the neighbor if they’re in need.
  • Report the Neighbor: Every municipality has its own rules and regulations as well as state and federal ones. This is the nuclear options which could get the neighbor evicted or more.