Help Reduce Veteran Suicides

An estimated 22 Veterans commit suicide each day in these United States and we believe that is 22 too many. Colorado has over 350,000 Veterans and Weld County over 21,000.

Warriors are trained for combat, but not trained to be civilians again.

There are many resources available to Veterans, but too often Veterans are still left in the cold, outside of the resources. One of the common reasons is Veterans are not aware of the viable resources available to them.

Qualified Listeners is an organization focused specifically on training combat Veterans to become excellent listeners for Veterans. Virtually everyone is more comfortable talking to someone who understands!

We locate combat Veterans, in part from membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and train them to become certified listeners. Someone who is not the government, and we have been there, we’ve been in the military and in combat, we can listen! We then find Veterans who need someone to talk to and match them to our Qualified Listeners.

If you wish to volunteer or donate or help us spread the word, please visit and let us know of your support.

Greg Goettsch
Qualified Listeners

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