Hear Less . . . Listen More

By John Turek ~

I’m aging . . my body is in decline
For example, my ears can’t hear what they used to
Recently I’ve discovered this reality to be a gift
Because, I listen more

For this lifetime I’ve lived in the distractions of a noisy world
Noises from the outside imposed themselves on the inside
I submitted to influences that shaped who I came to be
Something less than I might have been
The time that remains has earned a quiet mind
A quiet mind doesn’t hear the distractions
Because it listens only
To the still small voice within
Resting in the stillness . . I listen
And hear from the quiet world
Whispering wisdoms I’ve long ignored
Guidance from now to beyond
I’m aging . . while my body is in decline 
My mind is on the rise
Released from the confines of the ordinary life
Liberated to explore all there is to know
Wisdom that has waited patiently
Knowing the time would come
When I would listen more
Because I’m hearing less
An Insight – by New John

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