HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver Is Now Open!

 10/02/2013 | 09:04 PM 
HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver

It is well documented that people who have the opportunity to participate in rehabilitation in an inpatient rehabilitation hospital after an injury, illness or surgery show improved functional outcomes over those who do not. Rehabilitation, in the appropriate setting, provides the greatest potential for a person to return home, becoming active once again in the community.

In an inpatient rehabilitation hospital, like the new HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver that opened May 15, 2013, a full continuum of rehabilitative programs and services is offered for individuals who have suffered a major accident or illness, including trauma, stroke, head injury, spinal cord injury, amputation, arthritis, chronic pain, neuromuscular and pulmonary diseases. HealthSouth is one of only two freestanding inpatient rehabilitation hospitals in the Denver metro area.

Patients are admitted from acute care hospitals and from home, serving a diverse range of needs. Patient care is led by a medical director who supervises the hospital’s multi-disciplinary team to provide a coordinated program of care including goal setting, treatment plans, family education and discharge planning. The average length of stay at the hospital is 12 days.

“Our success depends on the quality of care provided to every patient,” said Dr. Jill Castro, Medical Director at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver. “Our group is experienced and ready to help patients reach their goals and exceed their expectations to get back home sooner. Our expert teams of independent private practice physicians, Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurses, therapists, case managers and hospital staff members area already working together to provide an exceptional patient experience and become the rehabilitative provider of choice Littleton and greater Denver.

Patients who receive their rehabilitation in an acute rehabilitation hospital are offered a much more intense approach to rehabilitation. Not only does a more aggressive routine boost patient recovery to optimum levels, but it also offers beneficial advantages to patients and families in less time. Patients receive:

  • Daily Physician Visits: Patients are evaluated by a board-certified physiatrist (physicians who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation) daily.
  • Certified Rehabilitation RNs:  HealthSouth patients have round-the-clock supervision from certified rehabilitation registered nurses.
  • Three hours of therapy at least 5 days/week: Therapy is provided by seasoned physical, occupational and speech therapists.
  • Weekly team conferences: Each patient’s physician, therapists, case manager and nurse meet to consult on progress made by the patient on a weekly basis.

It is important for patients to realize that they have a choice on where they receive their rehabilitation. Prior to discharging from the hospital following a surgery, a stroke, an orthopedic injury, a neurologic condition, etc, a patient has the right to choose where they receive their rehabilitation. Be sure to discuss with your case manager all of your discharge options before choosing a hospital.

HealthSouth also offers a Home Admission Program where patients who are demonstrating a decline in their abilities to walk or perform self-care activities can be assessed by a liaison and be admitted directly from home. HealthSouth is licensed as a hospital, and does not require a 3 day stay in an acute hospital prior to admission. Common conditions accepted by our home admission program are Parkinson’s disease, history of a stroke, generalized weakness, cardiac surgery, neurological disorders, rheumatoid disease, and back, pelvis or lower extremity fractures.

For more information on how an inpatient rehabilitation hospital benefits those recovering from a major life event, you can contact HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver at by calling 303-334-1111 or e-mailing Please visit our website at

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