Health, Finance, and New Retirement options Advisors Expand Focus of National Retirement Security Week

Denver, Colo. – National Retirement Security Week is October 16 – 22, 2016. The Active Generation, Television for Boomers, October 16, 4:00pm on Rocky Mountain PBS, expands the events financial focus to also include insights on health and the new options for retirement or just working less.

“One of the exciting things happening right now with retirement is there are so many new options available,” indicates Khristine Rodgers, President of the Society of Certified Senior Advisors on the program. “With all the options that we now, not only are talking about but I think now showing support for, there’s not one prescription as to how we should retire anymore,” she also comments.

Making a health plan to accompany your financial plan is another new notion being surfaced. “The things you want to focus on when going in, when you are fairly well, to talk about is how to stay well maybe even get healthier,” indicates Dr. Wendolyn Gozansky, VicePresident, Colorado Medical Group for Kaiser Permanente. She also notes, “We’ve seen a lot of folks when they have the additional time to exercise more or even take up new hobbies or interests, they actually become more engaged in life and actually get healthier.”

New retirement financial advice is now recommending after making a “model” retirement mode budget to then practice living on it to make adjustments prior to leaving the job. “Sometimes individuals will find they can adapt, others find it is a challenge which they have to meet some other way such as working longer or working part-time, something like that,” says Jim Pasztor, Vice-President, Academic Affairs at the College for Financial Planning and a Certified Financial Planner. “When I work with people who are about to retire I let them know the scariest day in retirement is day one of retirement, the day your life expectancy is still the longest and you’re at the whims of what’s going on economically,” he adds.

Studies indicate nearly 50% of boomers may have to cope with some form of a cancer diagnosis after the age of 65. Noted oncologist Dr. Dev Paul of the Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers updates the cancer fight that is now showing dropping mortality rates among 12 visible forms of the disease.

There’s a growing interest in the martial arts form, Tai-Chi that’s gaining popularity among boomers for both physical and emotional benefits, and now include “live” contemporary smooth jazz evenings to your playtime options after 37 contemporary smooth jazz artists played dates in Colorado and Denver between June 1 and October 30 is also on the program.

“The Active Generation” is Television for Boomers, Grownup but Not Yet Old, now in its third season, is regionally telecast on the stations of Rocky Mountain PBS, KRMA-TV6 in Denver, cable channel 658; KTSC-TV 8 in Pueblo, cable channel 658; Colorado Springs KTSCTV 8, cable channel 708; and KRMJ TV-18 in Grand Junction, cable channel 706.