Would Healing Touch Therapy Benefit You or a Loved One?

~ By Carol Herring, RN, MA, CHTP ~

Have you heard of Chiropractic treatment, Acupuncture, or Massage therapy? How about Healing Touch Therapy? These four therapies are considered to be complementary/integrative therapies that when used in conjunction with traditional medical treatment act as a booster to the body’s effectiveness to heal.

Healing Touch Therapy is given around the world by Healing Touch Practitioners within the following venues: hospitals, clinics, cancer centers, hospices, spas and exercise facilities, private practices, as well as other sites.

Healing Touch Therapy is endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association. Many Healing Touch Practitioners are also Registered Nurses.

Exactly what is Healing Touch Therapy and how do you find a Healing Touch Practitioner?

Healing Touch Therapy is a gentle non-invasive approach to health and healing. The goal is to restore harmony and balance to your energy system with the use of light touch or no touch by the Healing Touch Practitioner. There is no physical manipulation by the Practitioner. Healing Touch Therapy influences the physical, emotional and mental state thereby assisting the body to heal and to maintain wellness. During the first session a consent for treatment is required by the client as well as a short medical history. Mutual goals are agreed upon by the client and the Healing Touch Practitioner as part of the treatment plan. All conversations and documentation are kept confidential. Those receiving Healing Touch Therapy remain dressed, but generally remove their shoes. Healing Touch Therapy can be performed with the client sitting in a chair or laying on a massage table. Relaxing soft music is played during most sessions. Sessions take approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

Healing Touch Therapy has been shown to enhance recovery from illness, to decrease pain, to promote wound healing, decrease anxiety, help with depression and other disorders. It is used in cancer care to decrease the side effects of nausea and fatigue that can occur as the result of chemotherapy and radiation. LifeSpark Cancer Resources, a non-profit organization located in Lakewood, Colorado offers a program that is available to those who have cancer. Healing Touch Practitioners and Reiki (similar to Healing Touch Therapy) Practitioners volunteer to provide sessions for the clients. The one hour sessions are free and are available in many places in and around the Denver area. For more information, contact LifeSpark Cancer Resources on the web or by phone http://www.lifesparknow.org/ Phone: 303 425 5670.

Healing Beyond Borders, a non-profit international organization, also located in Lakewood, Colorado is a great source of extensive information, including research studies on Healing Touch Therapy. To find a Healing Touch Practitioner in your area, contact Healing Beyond Borders on the web or by phone. http://healingbeyondborders.org/ Phone: 303 989 7982.

Complementary/Integrative therapies are increasingly becoming mainstream. Healing Touch Therapy may be new to you, but the possibility exists that it could be very valuable to you or a loved one in supporting your health and wellness.

Carol Herring has a private practice in Highlands Ranch, is a member of Healing Beyond Borders and volunteers for LifeSpark Cancer Resources. Carol can be reached at c.herring13@gmail.com or 256 527 0202.

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