Handyman Connection offers ‘Aging in Place’ service for seniors

Work outside and around the house gets harder the older you get — especially if you don’t have loved ones nearby who can help you on a whim.

Handyman Connection — a growing franchise providing quality workmanship and services from plumbing to carpentry — is opening two locations in Brighton and Parker, Colorado. More important for your readers, they offer a comprehensive service called ‘Aging in Place’ — handyman services for seniors.

Inevitably, as a household’s occupants and family age, most homes need to be adjusted and updated to provide a more accessible and comfortable space. During this transitional time, let them handle the hard work and make your home fit your specific needs.

Aging-in-place installations and updates may include options such as ramp installations, roll-out shelves, widening door frames, installing anti-slip flooring, and more to make navigating your home more possible and accessible. These updates allow items such as wheelchairs and walkers to be used in the home with ease. Updates in the bathroom can include grab bar installations, shower seat installations, a walk-in tub or no-threshold shower, and more. Updates in the bathroom, kitchen, entryways, and more will make your home convenient for you.

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