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~ By Jessica Edgar, 
Prime Time For Seniors ~

Michael Gardner practiced law for 40+ years in Washington D.C., was an ambassador under Reagan in 1982, and currently runs a nonprofit group that trains women and men from developing countries in communication and technology. Michael retired in 2016 and moved to Boulder, CO. His nonprofit is a tuition free program that boasts over 9700 graduates from 171 countries. The classes range from one to five weeks and the graduates return to their countries to become pioneers and share what they learn.

About 11 years ago, Michael was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. About a year ago, the stiffness started and he was struggling for balance, limited in his walking, and had a hard time standing up. Michael and his wife had heard from members of Sacred Heart of Mary Church about GZ Sobol’s Foundations Exercise Program run by Colin Gates at the church.

Michael really couldn’t rave about the Foundation’s Class enough, and especially about Colin. He is now walking backwards almost as well as walking forwards. Michael’s wife is astounded by his progress. He attributes his success to their group dynamic and having a coach that really believes in what he does (Michael thinks that Colin should be cloned).

The first class that Colin held at Sacred Heart of Marion, nobody showed up. But slowly, one by one, he had participants start to flow in. He has trained athletes, children and up to elderly and finds this Parkinson’s Foundations class to be the most rewarding. He helps participants take their symptoms from Parkinson’s and translate them to everyday thought to help maintain their independence. Exercises such as saying the ABC’s while walking backwards. One of the most important things for people with Parkinson’s (and other degenerative brain diseases) is to stay active and also have a cheerleader in their corner.

Michael is absolutely thrilled with the results he has been achieving in Colin’s class. He loves that Colin always manages to motivate and is able to be a pep coach without being corny. Michael is just one success story from many who have participated in the GZ Sobol’s Foundation’s Exercise class.
Please check out their website for more information, watch success videos, or to DONATE.

The GZ Sobol Parkinson’s Network is completely funded by Donations! Please consider donating to this amazing program!

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