Guns to Gardens Turns Unwanted Guns into Garden Tools

Gun Safe Surrender Event Saturday Oct. 14 At Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship ~

9.20.23 LAFAYETTE, COLORADO – Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (BVUUF) in Lafayette will offer a gun-safe surrender event on Saturday, October 14 from noon to 2 pm in the church parking lot at 1241 Ceres Drive, Lafayette.

“Anyone may bring unwanted and unloaded guns to be dismantled and later made into garden tools,” said Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry, Senior Minister of BVUUF. “Because we believe in the inherent worth and dignity of all beings, we are putting our energy into addressing the high 

level of gun violence in America and the harm that is being done through suicide, injuries, accidents and other gun violence. If you feel that it is no longer safe or desirable for you to have a gun in your home, this is a responsible way to dispose of unwanted guns.” 

The project is part of the Guns to Gardens movement, which works to reduce gun violence by reducing the number of guns in homes and communities. Unwanted guns are dismantled and the leftover parts are forged into garden tools by nonprofit RAWtools. 

For the October 14 drive-through event, unloaded guns should be placed in the back seat of a car, trunk or the rear of a van. Skilled personnel will remove the firearms from vehicles and transfer them to a chop saw station. Trained volunteers will use power tools to make three cuts to the gun, according to guidelines from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The gun owner, who remains anonymous, waits in their car through this process and there is no transfer of firearm ownership. Once the gun is dismantled, it is no longer legally a gun. The owner can donate the leftover parts to be forged into garden tools. While the Safe Surrender event is not a traditional gun “Buy Back,” the church will distribute gift cards to gun owners, while supplies last, as a way to thank them for disposing of unwanted guns. Guns must be unloaded and ammunition is not accepted. 

With an estimated 400 million guns in American homes, many of these guns are no longer wanted for a range of reasons: the gun owner may have children or grandchildren in the home; a hunter or other gun owner may have reached an age where they no longer feel that they can safely handle weapons; a gun may have been returned to family by the police after it was used in a suicide or accident; there may be conflict in a family or there may a family member with a serious illness. For whatever reason, Guns to Gardens provides a way to dispose of unwanted guns without returning them to the gun marketplace, where they could be used for future harm. 


Guns to Gardens Safe Surrender Event 

Sat. Oct. 14, Noon-2pm 

Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 1241 Ceres Drive, Lafayette Place unwanted guns in a vehicle trunk. 

Guns must be unloaded. Gun donors are anonymous. No ammunition is accepted. A $50 gift card will be given for choosing to surrender a long gun or shotgun. A $150 gift card will be given for choosing to surrender a handgun or semi-automatic gun. A $250 gift card will be given for choosing to surrender an assault or tactical gun. Gift cards are tokens of appreciation and will be provided until they run out. For more information, or to contribute to the project, go to 

About Guns to Gardens
Guns to Gardens is a new movement in the United States to provide Americans with a practical way to responsibly dispose of unwanted guns. Sometimes these are inherited guns. Sometimes they are guns that a family feels are unsafe to have in a home, for instance, with children or teens, with senior citizens or with anyone who suffers from a serious illness. The project is a partner of the non-profit organization RAWtools, which for over ten years has created a national network of blacksmiths who forge dismantled gun parts into garden tools and art projects. The Guns to Gardens logo is used with the permission of Community United Church of Christ, Boulder, CO. The name Guns to Gardens is used with the permission of New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence. For more information, see

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