Gun Violence Steals the Gift of Life (Rebuttal)

The article, published in the Prime Time for Seniors of September 2014 (Gun Violence Steals the Gift of Life), is a re-hash of an old song that has been the anthem of anti-gun crowd for a long time.

The truth is, there is no such thing as “gun violence”.

There is such a thing as violence committed with guns. However, there is also violence committed with knives, baseball bats, golf clubs, folding chairs, and bare hands. There is still a street gang in the capitol hill area of Denver that, as an initiation to the gang, you have to take someone out with a golf club.

I believe I remember hearing of violence even being committed with the jawbone of an ass.
In the final analyses, there is only “violence’ and violence is simply a part of the human condition. In most people, it is kept under control and we never see it.

If the numbers are crunched, the use of guns is rather small when compared to other tools, but, the press loves it because it is spectacular. Lots of ink used there.

Treating gun violence as a public health issue? I think not.

As long as “gun violence”, which is a misnomer,  is used as a stepping stone for the eventual disarmament of America, which it is, the movement will be, and should be, ineffective. If you’ve been paying attention, you have noticed that every time there is a shooting, mass or otherwise, the press can be counted on to sensationalize it and also to politicize it.

Only when we treat violence in general as a public health issue will we be getting to the solution.

Another segment to this problem is the perpetrators and the fact that most of them have long criminal records. When are we going to begin to insist that these people are kept locked up, for good?

The author keeps talking about keeping guns out of the hands of wrong-doers. Here’s a novel idea: How about keeping the wrong-doers where they can’t get their hands on guns or any other weapons?

Also, the author talks about keeping guns out of the hands of children. Here I would like to state that education is the key. Trying to keep anything out of the hands of a child is a fruitless task. If you, the reader, will be honest with yourself, you will remember when you were a child and told not to touch something or do something. Forbidden Fruit! There is nothing a child can’t do if properly motivated and telling them no isn’t the answer. You cannot child-proof a gun, you can only gun-proof a child and education is the answer. In that regard, the school is the most logical place to do that although it should be done in the home, like so many other things today, the schools are given the task of rearing our children (NOT, in my opinion, a good situation).

Our society has a long way to go to get back to the condition where a woman was safe walking alone at night. There is a word that describes what we’ve lost in this society, and what we dearly need to get back. That word is “respect!”

Written by Barry Tagart

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