Great Opportunity to Receive Services or Volunteer

By Karie Erickson, Executive Director ~

What exactly is an Aging Resource Center? Aging Resources is your one-stop-shop for aging information and resources here in Douglas County! Aging Resources of Douglas County connects older people to vital services, information, and resources that promote aging with independence and dignity. We believe that the voice of every senior should be heard and respected and that the whole community should join together to support older adults in their golden years.

Why does my community need one? Douglas County has the highest percentage of older adult growth in the entire state! The Denver Regional Council of Governments projects that the over 60 population in the county will increase 446% between now and 2050. The services and programs we provide give our older residents more options to live life on their terms. Getting older means you’re getting better.

What kind of services does ARDC offer? Our most requested service is transportation. When you no longer drive yourself, you can lose your sense of independence real quick. With the help of our volunteer drivers, we provide transportation to critical medical appointments like dialysis, routine doctor’s appointments, trips to the grocery store, and quality of life outings such as a weekly trip to the hairdresser or a bridge game.

The second most requested service we provide is companionship. Folks who no longer drive, live in a rural area, or have mobility challenges are often at high risk of social isolation. Current data shows that being isolated is as detrimental to your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Having a friend can make a big difference. We match volunteers with members for weekly visits, outings, and chats. Currently, we offer both in-person and virtual companionship options. Our virtual program provides members and volunteers with a device and training to get the most out of their new technology. Oh, and it’s FUN too!

We also offer light housework, yard work, and handyman services.

Did you know that all of our services are free of charge? And none of the services we offer would be possible without the support of our tremendous volunteer force. Our vetted, trained, and background-checked volunteers provide 70% of our transportation services. In 2020, despite the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic, they donated 5,176 hours of their time!

We have the county’s only Resource Navigation Program. One of the most common challenges among aging people in Douglas County is knowing where to look for help. Our call center connects residents with resources, information, and referrals that promote aging and healthy outcomes.

Our volunteers are simply the best, and we would love to have you join us and make a friend with your neighbors!



  1. I am a newly retired woman who has has experience in both Social Service agencieis (Medicare anf Mediciad etc.) as well as insurance for my career. I feel that I could perhaps give both time and my knowledge to your organization(s) and help serve my community. I live in Southern Parker area (still Douglas County) and would be interested in speaking with one of the staff to perhaps fit some expertise with needs. Please either contact me by email or phone (515.491.5567) to talk about some potential opportunities.

    Marcia Stark

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