Golden Reunions to Celebrate Open 50th

A milestone is something you pass while traveling to another destination. A  50th anniversary is a very special milestone and if you can’t celebrate with those who were there at graduation, the next best thing is to celebrate with other people who moved to the Denver area as well.

Looking around you notice lots of folks passing or nearing that same milestone so you decide to have a party!  Golden Reunions Class of ’64 Celebration is just that, an opportunity to celebrate with anyone and everyone who loves the music and icons of the 60’s.  We have come from all over the country to make the Denver area our home, going back home for a 50th might not work so let’s celebrate with neighbors who,like you,love a good night out with great music, food and fun! It’s more than an anniversary, it will be rather a museum of memories.

Last year the American Red Cross Mile Hi Chapter was called on here in Colorado to provide relief for victims of the historic flooding of our front range.  “We decided that we would give back to the Chapter a gift of at least $1000 from the proceeds of Golden Reunions, plus we will have envelopes for attendees to give as well.”

The invitations are for one and all!  Bonnie says,”I”ve contacted car clubs and dance studios, the Nacho Men have let their followers know about the event, and we have created a Facebook page,’Golden Reunions,’ where anyone can post their ‘throwback’ pictures for our video screen presentation.”

To order tickets or reserve a table for 10 please go to or call Bonnie at 303-263-7277.

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