Geriatric Doctor Listens First, Then Writes

Denver physician and internationally recognized teacher Jeannette Guerrasio, MD, wrote an essential book entitled, Embrace Aging: Conquer your fears and enjoy added years.  This book serves as a guide for people 50 and older to take control of how they age.

While practicing at the University of Colorado, Dr. Guerrasio spent countless hours listening to and learning from her older patients and studying geriatric medicine. She wanted to share with others all that she had learned about the aging process and how to do so gracefully, happily and independently. Her practical, optimistic and cutting-edge guide is informative and full of useful words of wisdom. Similar to her personality, it is equally entertaining and full of captivating patient stories and examples of personal experience.

In Embrace Aging, Dr. Guerrasio covers an astonishingly wide range of topics commonly associated with aging from osteoporosis to insomnia. She made sure to include topics that some find difficult to discuss with their doctor, like cognitive changes and sexual dysfunction. Each topic includes what you can do to help yourself and how your doctor can be helpful.

Having moved from the University practice to the community, Dr. Guerrasio remains committed to listening, learning and teaching. She hopes that others benefit from her works.

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