From Our Lips to Your Ears: News, Music and Information from Audio Information Network of Colorado

“Access to your programming opened a whole new world for me. I hadn’t been able to access grocery ads in many years and that alone has really helped me feel independent.” – AINC listener Richard from Thornton

Did you love your local morning newspaper, but your arthritis is now keeping you from holding the paper and turning its pages? Are you reaching for your old CD collection to play your favorite music, but can’t find it because you simply can’t read the jacket? 

Audio Information Network of Colorado (AINC) can help—for free!

AINC brings print to life by providing local news and information in audio format via on-demand podcasts in English and Spanish. Our mission is to empower those who can’t read print to be self-sufficient, connected to their communities and continuously learning through audio.

Our audio services can be accessed via land line, smart phone, tablet, computer, or a special digital receiver for access to over the air broadcasts (no internet required).

We have recently begun providing “smart speakers” (the Amazon Echo). Voice activated devices can be life changing to people with visual or physical challenges that prevent them from accessing their favorite news, information and music.

“Is it for me?”, you ask. Well, here are some of the things you could do with a smart speaker from AINC:

Listen to local news and information. Through AINC’s own Alexa skill (a skill is a voice driven smart speaker capability similar to an app), you can listen to local news. Thanks to Community Development Block Grants for Commerce City and Thornton, we recently added even more local information and city newsletters to regular programs. Local newspapers include the Commerce City Sentinel-Express, Northglenn-Thornton Sentinel and the Westminster Window. Practical information like grocery discount ads, transit guides and other consumer info is also available in audio.

Play music. Alexa makes it easy to access your favorite music, like that CD you can’t find. Through streaming services, available for free, such as Pandora and Spotify. By simply saying “Alexa, play songs by the Beatles”, you can avoid the frustration of not being able to find your CD.

Make phone calls. Technology advancements have rendered corded phones and land lines nearly obsolete. With Alexa’s help, even your cell phone might be sidelined, with your new found ability to make phone calls via simple voice commands…hands free!

Set medication reminders. At the end of the day, do you find yourself saying to yourself “oops, forgot to take my…”? With the help of Alexa, you can stay on top of your vital medications without a full-time caregiver. It’s as simple as saying, “Alexa, remind me to take my medication at 10:00 AM.” 

Make lists. Add to your lists without the frustrating process of looking for a pen that works! Alexa can keep you on top of your grocery needs so you don’t forget that critical ingredient for  your favorite recipe. 

Don’t have internet? AINC can help qualifying listeners find and sign up for discount internet in their neighborhood and can pay for initial setup fees.

Interested? Please give us a call at 303-786-7777 or send an email to If you already have access to the internet, register at our website

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