Free Walk-in Therapy Bathtub

Local business, Bentley Baths, is giving the Gift of Independence and safety this holiday season by donating one walk-in therapy bathtub to a deserving individual in the Denver, Colorado area. Since the introduction of safety technology (seat-belts) in vehicles, deaths from auto accidents have steadily decreased. However, through the years, senior deaths from injuries related to bathing have continued to rise. George Bentley, founder of Bentley Baths, feels that now is the time to introduce safety technology measures into bathing. Since 2005 Bentley Baths has been providing customized walk-in bathtubs to injured veterans, people with physical disabilities and aging individuals finding it difficult to enter and exit their bathtub safely. This holiday season, anyone can nominate a deserving individual to get their own walk-in therapy tub and help lower the risk of death from bathing related injuries.

Bentley Baths was founded in 2005 after George Bentley’s life took an unexpected turn. Bentley’s mother, Sara, fell in a traditional tub and broke her hip. She ultimately died from the injuries. That incident started a 10-year journey for Bentley of extensive research and study. Since then, Bentley has become one of the most experienced safety and aging-in-place consultants working with seniors and their families, earning the designations of an Aging in Place Home Specialist and Certified Environmental Access Consultant.

As well as giving away one FREE walk-in therapy bathtub, until December 31st, anyone purchasing a Bentley Baths’ tub will receive 10% off their purchase. On top of that, Bentley Baths will donate 10% of any bathtub purchase to a local charity! So, this is the perfect time to invest in your or a family member’s safety.

Do you know someone at risk of falling who needs a Bentley Baths walk-in therapy tub? Help lower the risk of death from bathing, visit and nominate someone now.