Free program for caregivers on late-stage Alzheimer’s disease

Caregiver Survival Skills is a free educational series presented by the Mountain Caregivers Resource Group. January’s topic, “Living with Alzheimer’s – Late Stage, Part 1,” will be presented by Dave Hoppe of the Alzheimer’s Association Colorado Chapter. This program will address physical and emotional changes and making meaningful connections.

In the final stages of Alzheimer’s disease, individuals lose the ability to respond to their environment, to carry on a conversation and, eventually, to control movement. They need help with much of their daily personal care, including eating or using the toilet. They may also lose the ability to smile, to sit without support and to hold their heads up. Reflexes become abnormal, muscles grow rigid, swallowing is impaired.

The free seminar will be held from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 26, at the Evergreen Fire & Rescue Administration Building, 1802 Bergen Parkway, Evergreen.

Reservations are recommended. For more information or to RSVP, call 303-674-6400.

About the Mountain Caregivers Resource Group

The Mountain Caregivers Resource Group consists of representatives from Mt. Evans Hospice & Home Health Care, the Seniors’ Resource Center-Evergreen, Elk Run Assisted Living, and Life Care Center of Evergreen.

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