Food Delivery Program

Everybody eats. Or do they? It is getting harder for individuals to find reliable sources of nutritious food during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially those individuals who are homebound due to health risks associated with contracting COVID-19. We at Benefits in Action (BIA) understand the need for homebound individuals to obtain nutritious food. Moreover, we received numerous calls for food delivery services while providing health benefit navigation and application assistance to individuals affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, we launched our new Food Delivery Program. 

The premise behind the Food Delivery Program is simple. We provide food to households that are homebound or otherwise unable to find reliable sources of food. We provide weekly deliveries of perishable and non-perishable items to these households, with each delivery containing a week’s worth of food. We work in partnership with the Denver Police Cadets to deliver food in Denver County, and with dozens of volunteers recruited through to deliver food in Adams, Arapahoe, and Jefferson Counties.  

The program works through referrals from our partner organizations and from individuals self-referring by using our new specialized website, Once referred to the program, these individuals receive phone calls from our volunteers confirming their need for food each week as well as delivery times and locations. Depending on their current need for food, the individuals receive weekly deliveries containing a week’s worth of food. The deliveries take place via a no contact delivery method that follows social distancing guidelines.

The program has proven tremendously successful so far. We deliver food to over 300 unique households per week, and that number grows daily.  In fact, the number is growing so fast that we increasingly need additional volunteer drivers to deliver food to those in need. We also formed partnerships with a lot of different organizations to procure food, PPE, and other supplies needed for the program. These partnerships include organizations such as the Action Center and Jeffco Eats. This program has proven so successful that we plan on making it a permanent part of BIA. 

For those of you that already know something about BIA, our Food Delivery program may come as a bit of a surprise. Normally, when you think of BIA, you think of health benefit navigation and application assistance. However, our mission at BIA is not only to provide health benefit navigation and application assistance, but to provide a holistic one-on-one experience to help individuals live healthier lives. It is with this mission in mind that we created our Food Delivery program. 

If you need a reliable source of nutritious food, then we are eager to help you out. For more information on our Food Delivery program or to sign up to receive food deliveries, call 720-221-8354 or visit

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