Food Bank of the Rockies

Mary’s vision no longer allows her to drive. Her steps are slow and deliberate as she walks to her front door to meet Peggy, a representative of Food Bank of the Rockies. Peggy is delivering Mary’s monthly USDA food box filled with staples like rice, cereal, juice, canned meat, milk, canned fruits and vegetables.  This food will help her get through the month without having to choose between food and medicine or heat.

David waits patiently in line to pick up his food box at one of the 13 distribution sites staffed by Food Bank of the Rockies.  He receives the same items as Mary, but is able to pick them up on his own.  With only social security for income, this food helps David manage his limited budget without sacrificing nutrition.  He stands next to Liz, a young woman who is picking up two boxes by proxy Ð one for her mom and one for her mom’s neighbor who struggle to leave their homes due to health issues.

Mary, David and Liz’s mom and neighbor are just a few of the seniors in the metro area receiving food through the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP). Food boxes provided by the USDA are distributed free to qualifying seniors through Food Bank of the Rockies in 26 Colorado counties.  Seniors, 60 and over, who fall within the required income guidelines, can qualify to receive monthly CSFP boxes.  One-member households with monthly incomes of $1,265 or less and two- member households with monthly incomes of $1,705 or less, as well as larger households with monthly incomes of $440 or less added per additional person can apply.

Applicants must provide picture ID, address and proof of income at their initial certification visit and must be re-certified every six months. There is no charge for the food box. For more information about Food Bank of the Rockies’ CSFP distribution program, please contact Rosie Esparza, 303.375.5840 or Emilie Matthaei, 303.375.5861 or visit

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