Firehouse Theater and Wheat Ridge Theatre team up for “Three Viewings”

Firehouse Theater Company  with Wheat Ridge Theatre Company Present:
Three Viewings
by Jeffrey Hatcher
Directed by Maru Garcia ~

Denver, CO: Firehouse Theater Company and Wheat Ridge Theatre Company are proud to present Three Viewings by Jeffrey Hatcher. Performances will be August 13 through September 4, 2021, some Thursdays and Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30 PM, and Sundays at 2:00 PM. Tickets are $23 for tickets purchased before August 13. All remaining tickets will then be $25. All performances will be at the John Hand Theater, located at 7653 E. 1st Place, Denver CO 80230. Tickets are available online at or by calling the Box Office at (303) 562-3232. Masks will be required for audience members.

About the Show: Three Viewings is composed of three comic/dramatic monologues set in a midwestern funeral parlor over a three-day weekend. It gives three different perspectives about viewing death through the eyes of three different characters – each of them offering a unique story causing the audience to have an in-depth understanding of their views, giving us a glimpse of their life. 

TELL-TALE is the story of Emil, the mild-mannered undertaker whose unspoken passion for a local real-estate woman who comes to all his funerals leads him to commit crimes and plot a way to confess his true feelings before time—and bodies—run out.

THE THIEF OF TEARS is Mac, a beautiful Los Angeles drifter, who makes her living stealing jewelry from corpses. When her wealthy grandmother dies, leaving her nothing, Mac returns to her hometown and attempts to pry loose her inheritance, a diamond ring her grandmother promised Mac when she was a child.

THIRTEEN THINGS ABOUT ED CARPOLOTTI is the story of Virginia, the widow of a wheeler-dealer contractor, who discovers that her husband has left her in debt to the banks, her family and the mob.

“Why Three Viewings? Death has always been around. I see loved ones cross to the other side and I feel their void in my life,” offers Director Maru Garcia. “This play allows me to explore three different perspectives in which each one of the characters contributes to a different understanding of my personal experiences and my own relationship with death. Directing this play, which contains unique situations, makes me realize how many different perspectives there are regarding death and how each one of us has a direct effect in each other’s lives. It has been an adventure and a pleasure to direct this play.”

Three Viewings features the talents of: Jaime Lewis as Emil, Kiso Kyle as Mac and Debra Gallegos as Virginia.

“Nowadays it is rare to encounter a genuine writer in the theater—someone, that is, who thinks about such things as character and structure, someone who has a genuine feel for language. So when such a thing comes along, it’s exciting…Three Viewings is the genuine article.” —NY Daily News.

Firehouse Theater Company and Wheat Ridge Theatre Company Present:
Three Viewings by Jeffrey Hatcher
Directed by Maru Garcia
The John Hand Theater
7653 East 1st Place
Denver, CO 80230
Tickets: $23 for tickets purchased before August 13.
$25 as of August 14, 2021.


  1. You can’t imagine how I fall in love with art and, especially, with the theatres because it is a great chance to feel the live atmosphere of performance and absorb the unique energy of each actor. I always try to find new original performances to watch because it is a great chance to become closer to art and become a more versatile person. I can say that you amazed me with the message of this performance because it is absolutely not typical. I adore to approach anything philosophically and I adore to delve into the pressing issues of life. It was so interesting for me to deepen into the experiences of different people and their idea of death because it not only extended my sense of reality but also helped me to look into the depths of myself. I can say that this performance met all my expectations and turned my mind upside down.

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