Fired Up About Safety

~ Safety in Swimming ~

You don’t have to live in Florida to swim year round! Here in Colorado you can enjoy the benefits of your local health spa’s pool or neighborhood clubhouse at any age and any season.

Seniors who know how to swim can easily get back into this activity – just a simple trip to your doctor to help you recognize your limitations is all it takes to start. Plus, many times your physician can help you determine a safe progression path as you initiate this exercise regimen.  Allowing yourself the opportunity to glide around in water gives your muscles the opportunity to relax – releasing some built up tension.

While it is unlikely you will go running out on wet tiles, push people into the pool, or perform a spectacular cannon ball on top of someone swimming laps – Seniors are quick to dismiss a couple of  basic rules that are made for your safety.

First Rule: Never Swim Alone
While swimming at a beach, lake, or pool, the importance of having someone nearby cannot be stressed. No person, regardless of experience level or age, can anticipate when an emergency will strike. By having another person present, there is someone who is aware of you going in and coming out of the water. Your swim companion is your life line.

Second Rule: Use Your Sunscreen
While your body will reap the exercise benefits of the weightless feeling in water, it is the sunlight reflecting off of the water that can really give you a burn. Be sure to use waterproof sunscreen with SPF protection of 30 or greater. And, reapply regularly.

Third Rule: Running/Diving into Unfamiliar Waters
Be sure to pay attention to your pool’s depth markers – conducting a foot first method of entering the water to guarantee the level.  And if you are venturing into the ocean or lake, come to suspect uneven or rocky terrain. Rapid drop offs happen regularly, so pay attention to your surroundings.
Swimming is a great way to beat the heat or exercise throughout the year. As you go through all your strokes, remember to enjoy the simple sensation of ripples flowing over you.

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