Family Caregivers in Colorado Provide $11.2 Billion in Unpaid Care to Loved Ones

Latest AARP research attaches $11.2 Billion value to the estimated 560 Million hours of unpaid care that family caregivers provided in 2021 ~

The unpaid care provided by the 600,000 caregivers in Colorado is valued at $11.2 Billion, according to new state data available in AARP’s latest report in the Valuing the Invaluable series Valuing the Invaluable. This is a $3.4 Billion increase in unpaid contributions since the last report released in 2019. The report highlights the growing scope and complexity of family caregiving and highlights actions needed to address the challenges of caring for parents, spouses, and other loved ones.

“Family caregivers play a vital role in Colorado’s health care system, whether they care for someone at home, coordinate home health care, or help care for someone who lives in a nursing home,” said Sara Schueneman, AARP Colorado State Director. “We want to make sure all family caregivers have the financial, emotional and social support they need, because the care they provide is invaluable both to those receiving it and to their community.”

AARP Colorado provides support to family caregivers and the loved ones who depend on them for care. For example, AARP Colorado helped inform our members of how to cope and care for people with dementia through our presentations with Dementia Friendly Denver.

AARP Colorado is fighting and will continue to fight for family caregivers and the loved ones they care for.

Right now, AARP is collaborating on proposed state legislature to expand, protect and prioritize home care options in the current legislative session to ensure needed home health care is available to those who need it.

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