Fall is in the Air – Already!

Did you get everything done in your home this summer that you hoped and planned to? Did you get things cleared out and de-cluttered?  Are you thinking, “I had planned on getting the house on the market and sold. I had planned on moving before winter sets in again.”  And now you find winter is lurking a few short weeks away.

Whether you just want to clear out the house or you want to move before the holidays, it can still happen.

Sometimes all you need is a helping hand from an expert to get it done. Call a Senior Move Manager (SMM) who can assist with clearing out the clutter that you are tired of looking at. If you have a few special items that are sellable, SMMs have resources to help you turn those items into money.  Most used items, whether furniture or household items, are very difficult to sell, but many things can be donated to people who need them. If moving was your plan, SMMs can make that happen before the holidays also. In fact, a SMM can come in and work with you on a floor plan for your new home, help you fit in the furniture that is important to you and coordinate the entire move process for you.  As part of the move into your new home, the SMM team will unpack, organize and hang up pictures.  Once you have everything you want out of your former home, the SMM can coordinate the resources to empty your home or prepare it for sale.

Many seniors are counting on their adult children to help out.  However, those adult children are busy with work, family and activities and just don’t have time to make a move happen for you or time to empty your house.  Most children and grandchildren would rather spend time with you doing something fun than clean out your house!  You can take a large burden off of your children by hiring someone to help you instead.

In today’s world, families are scattered all over the country or world, and find it hard to make time for a major undertaking like a move.  SMMs can coordinate shipping services to your family if you have furniture or boxes to ship (think china, crystal, family photographs and other special family things).  And those items can be shipped any time – no need to wait for your house to sell or your move to happen.

Many seniors think they have to stay in their homes because they are the “storage unit” for their children’s belongings that they plan to get “someday”.   Well, “someday” won’t come unless you give them a deadline date to pick things up or have them shipped to them.  The old saying “out of sight, out of mind”, comes into play here.  In fact, most of the time, we find those adult children don’t really even want those stored items if there is a cost involved in getting them.

Yes, it is Fall and Winter isn’t far behind, but don’t think you’ve missed your window of opportunity to get your house decluttered and put in order or ready to be listed for sale.  There are expert Senior Move Managers in the Denver area happy to assist with the work that needs to be done.  And they will see to every detail that you need their assistance with, because that is their goal, to get you safely moved or make sure your current home is safe from clutter to prevent falls and trip hazards. It always makes sense to move while you are able to make decisions and your family is not making those decisions for you.

Smooth Transitions Denver LLC has been moving seniors at all stages of their lives and clearing out clutter since 2007.  Whether moving or aging in place, they can help you too!  Call Jeanine or Betty at 303-674-0250 for more information or to set up a free, one hour consultation!

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