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Prime Time for Seniors would like to introduce you to Christine Bartel, a Certified Health Care Executive. She is a Colorado native and grew up learning how to be a caregiver. She lived with her mother, grandmother (also a caregiver), and uncle, and was able to see first-hand the problems in the healthcare system. Christine’s grandmother suffered a massive heart attack from lack of communication from her doctor and their staff. It was watching these breakdowns in the system and starting a home healthcare agency of her own, Christine was able to start bringing her life mission to light.

Christine is committed to a life of protecting seniors, talking about issues, and creating a safe and comfortable place for them to call with information they can trust. She wants every person to wake up with a purpose.

Christine has provided care to seniors for 30 years. Prior to joining Azura at Home, Christine was Managing Director of the Western Region for the largest skilled home health care company in the country. She was the host and executive producer for CBS Denver’s “Aging Independently with Christine Bartel.” She has extensive experience in care transition, case management, and health care operations.

She has owned, operated, acquired, and sold successful skilled and non-skilled agencies. Christine has provided consulting services to agencies throughout the country. She has a BA in Economics with an emphasis in Bio Medical Engineering and Pre-Med. She is currently working on an MBA with an emphasis in Health Administration.

Along with her work success comes her success at home. Christine is a mother of three children: John, Mackenzie, and Emma. 21, 19, and 10 respectively. Her son John is a three time state wrestling champion for Colorado (weight 160) and currently on scholarship at Colorado School of Mines (Junior year). Her 19 year old daughter, Mackenzie, is a sophomore on academic scholarship at Gonzaga University. Finally, ten year old Emma is a National Champion for dance and also a nominee for 2013 Top Dancer of the Year.

Christine’s passion is people. She believes that with proper knowledge, educational outreach and resources, anything is possible. She believes that aging with improved quality and purpose is 100% attainable as long as individuals know their options. Christine is committed to decreasing dependence, increasing independence, quality and education and ensuring that we preserve our Medicare Spending Account. The preservation of the MSA is vital to the success and sustainability of our country and it also dictates our success and sustainability of our country and it also dictates our success as a leader in healthcare.

Prime Time for Seniors would like to introduce Christine Bartel as a new columnist. She will be contributing as Dear Christine…. (the Dear Abby of the Healthcare and Senior community). She will answering questions such as:

Dear Christine: If I am an adult child and I live in another state, what options are available to help keep my parents in their home with everything they need?

A: There are a number of options for children that live out of state and do not have the ability to stop by and check in on Mom and Dad.
Hire a Case Manager from a reputable company that will charge you a weekly or monthly fee. Make sure to check references and make sure company is reputable.
Hire a non-medical home care company (that is bonded and insured and the caregivers are employees) to come in for two hour visits, as many times per week as the family can afford (no more than $25 per hour).

Make sure to require the agency to send the same caregiver for these two hour visits to ensure consistency with care. This will help your parents form a bond and trust with the caregiver and they will more than likely be comfortable telling them any issues or problems they are having. This will hopefully help prevent a situation as the caregiver will be able to report issues to the children right away. This is known as Preventive Home Health Care.

As noted before, Christine did segments for CBS in years past. We have the links and additional information on our website:
Please forward all of your questions for Christine to: or mail to P.O. Box 1415 Broomfield, CO 80238.

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