The 1970s – Denver through the Decades

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This series of online presentations provides a pictorial history of Denver from its inception through the end of the 1970s, more than a hundred years of growth and change. Although we will not hit everything, we’ll highlight the biggies from each decade along the way. All presentations are FREE!
Our march through Denver’s decades over the course of the year comes to its end just as Denver’s march did in the 1970s. Though amending the city’s hopes by force would have unforeseen benefits in future decades, at the time it was news met with misery and grief by the city. After the sybaritic ‘60s, solemn reality settled over us in the 1970s. Still, Denver has never been one to accept defeat. It’s time to prepare the soil for what is to come! Sail on, Denver, on that Rocky Mountain High! What a journey it has been!

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