From: Cathy Smaha Subject: Castle Rock Colorado Genealogical Society: Expanding your success with Family Search

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Thursday, March 4

Expanding your success with Family Search: a focus on records that are not digitally indexed  (Class)
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Online – Zoom
Presented by Debbie Shaw Schwartz is one of the best resources for finding information and records.  They have scanned and uploaded billions of records from places all over the world.  And, as hard as they are working to digitize and index those records, as many as 50-60% are not searchable digitally.  So, when you enter your name/s and don’t get results, does that mean records for your ancestors are not there?  Not necessarily.  In this presentation, I will show you many ways to find records and information without a digital index on Family Search.

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