Castle Rock Colorado Genealogical Society: What’s New in Genetic Genealogy

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Saturday, August 15
What’s New in Genetic Genealogy?  (Program)
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Zoom Webinar

Presented by Greg Liverman

Dr. Greg Liverman will give updates in ethnicity tests form the major testing companies as well as reviewing the visualization tools available. he will discuss the Shared cM Project that was recently released, attaching your AncestryDNA match to your ancestry tree, the latest in forensic genetic genealogy, Y-DNA and the future of DNA testing.

Greg Liverman has been researching family history since the 1990s working with both online and on-the -ground records in many states and foreign counties. He brings his experience as a TV journalist, scientist and information technology professional to bear on genealogy research problems.  Since the use of DNA testing exploded in the last decade, Greg has focused on understanding and teaching the best practices fo DNA testing and analysis.

Greg launched Pinewood Genealogy with his wife, Wendy Dillenschneider, to help others with their research and genetic genealogy (DNA) analysis. Pinewood Genealogy has developed a library of over twenty different lectures and classes covering a wide variety of genealogical topics.

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