Elder Abuse Mandatory Reporting: What Does This Mean for Me?

Beginning in July, Colorado has adopted a new law requiring service providers to report abuse of adults age 70+.  Abuse may be physical, financial, neglect, sexual and/or emotional. But what does that mean if you or a loved one is 70+? If the crime is on someone under 70, should it still be reported?

Join Scott Storey, Chief Deputy Prosecutor, and Candace Werth, Elder Abuse Unit Prosecutor, of the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office for an overview of the law, and what happens when elder abuse is reported.

The presentation is free and hosted by Triad of Jefferson County at 1:30 pm, Tuesday, March 25 at the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office, 500 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden. Free and open to the public, 303-271-6980.

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