El Chapultepec™ Launches Legacy Project: Preserve memories and continue the legacy of music and community

DENVER — El Chapultepec™, Denver’s most storied jazz and blues venue launches ThePecLegacy.com, a  starting point to preserving and continuing the lasting legacy of The Pec™ in Denver.  

El Chapultepec was a historic jazz and blues venue that operated for 87 years located at 20th and Market Streets before closing in Dec. 2020. Opening in 1933 on the 4th of July, The Pec™ was passed down through four generations. Jerry Krantz was the owner who started booking live jazz seven nights a week. It became legendary because there was no cover charge, no dress code, and a come-as-you-are/be-who-you-are attitude. 

Carlos Lando, KUVO General Manager, says, “You would be brushing elbows with senators and homeless at  the same time.” The live music was top-notch, featuring stellar locals, famous travelers, and young students of jazz all playing together. It was the combination of holding no pretense while promoting organic human interaction that made it a crown jewel of Denver.  

ThePecLegacy.com is designed as a platform to bring the community together to celebrate. Featuring: • A short documentary by producer Mel Aman exploring what El Chapultepec means, why it’s important to preserve, and how we can move into the future. It features voices from more than 30 people including politicians, musicians, and patrons.  

  • A journey through The Pec’s story from 1933-present.  
  • A photo gallery and a call for community to submit pictures and stories to be shared and preserved. • Book a band with no booking fees, utilizing El Chapultepec’s vast music community to find the right band for your event and budget.  
  • An apparel shop with limited edition El Chapultepec Legacy Project merchandise. 

In our effort to continue the legacy and tradition of El Chapultepec in Denver, we are looking for financial support to help create a tribute stage. The Pec can not be duplicated but we can host events that embrace  organic human interaction and support passing the art of live music performance to the next generation. It’s a  passion project aiming to fill some of the hole that the loss of El Chapultepec left in our hearts and in the city tapestry. All funds will be used to build Legacy Project endeavors. There are two ways to donate: though the apparel shop and the PayPal link located on the site.  


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