Eight simple tips to stop travel sickness

A spokesperson from StressFreeCarRental.com said: “One of the biggest fears for travellers is getting travel sickness which could lead to a trip being ruined. Using simple methods such as chewing gum and staying away from scrolling on your phone can relax symptoms such as nausea. Following this essential advice can make all the difference for passengers and allow them to get to their destination with peace of mind.”

Here are eight helpful tips from StressFreeCarRental.com to prevent travel sickness:

  • Roll down the windows
    Taking in the fresh air is vital when a passenger is experiencing sickness. Breathing in the fresh air can ease nausea symptoms. When travelling by plane, turn on the air conditioning to relax the sick feeling.
  • Stay hydrated
    Water is key to reducing the severity of a headache caused by travel sickness. Drink plenty and avoid the temptation of a glass of prosecco or fizzy drinks.
  • Pack the gum
    Having chewing gum can relax your stomach, as the coolness can relax your stomach muscles and takes your mind off the pain. Bring both peppermint and ginger-flavoured gum to help the sickness.
  • Snack lightly
    Avoid heavy and greasy foods on the journey. Choose some lightly salted snacks such as seaweed bites or dry crackers which won’t disturb the stomach pains.
  • Play some good tunes
    Distraction is one of the best ways to help your mind forget about the burden of travel sickness. Play your favourite songs on the radio at a low volume to focus your mind on something else other than feeling sick.
  • Bring a sick bag
    A last resort option may be needed if you can’t do anything to stop sickness. Having a sick bag on board can make you feel calmer, as you know there is another option available.
  • Get in the front seat
    Whether it’s in a family car hire or a road trip with friends, sitting at the front lets you focus on the road and minimises the likelihood of travel sickness.
  • Stay off the screen
    As tempting as it can be, scrolling on social media can worsen headaches by straining your eyes from looking at bright screens. It’s best to put the phone away until the end of the journey.

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