Dumb Friends League Building Animal Shelter In Alamosa County

DENVER  – The Dumb Friends League is expanding the services and care it provides to homeless pets across the state by building and operating San Luis Valley Animal Center, a new animal shelter in Alamosa County, CO.

Construction of San Luis Valley Animal Center is primarily funded by a generous gift from longtime League supporter Henry Roath. Animal Assistance Foundation and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) have also provided generous grants to help support the new shelter’s construction and operational costs. 

“Our mission is to end pet homelessness and animal suffering,” said Dumb Friends League President and CEO Dr. Apryl Steele. “San Luis Valley Animal Center is an opportunity for us to use our knowledge and resources to successfully operate a rural facility and work toward our mission by improving animals’ lives across the state.”

The League was approached by Alamosa County Commissioner Darius Allen for guidance on building a long-term solution to support animal welfare in the area. During the initial meeting with the County and City of Alamosa, as well as other stake holders, the community was eager to collaborate with the League and support the construction of the new shelter in Alamosa.

San Luis Valley Animal Center is anticipated to care for 2,500 pets per year, including approximately 800 cats, and positively impact the lives of many more through community programs.

The new shelter will provide care for lost, stray, abandoned and unwanted pets.  Animals that are not claimed, and not adopted in the local community, will be transferred to areas with more adoption opportunities. Future plans for San Luis Valley Animal Center include providing community programs such as low-cost spay and neuter services, behavior support, subsidized veterinary care and humane education classes.

Alamosa County and the City of Alamosa donated a parcel of land for the new facility and construction is expected to begin in spring of this year. To ensure the community is adequately supported while San Luis Valley Animal Center is built, the League is currently employing a shelter manager at Valley Humane League.

Anyone wishing to support San Luis Valley Animal Center can donate at ddfl.org.

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