Dr. Bill Thomas To Appear In Denver May 23 For “Second Wind” Tour

~ Tour Aims to Change Perceptions of Aging and Offer Powerful Insights Into More Deliberate, Deeper and Connected Ways of Living and Working ~

DENVER — Dr. Bill Thomas, one of the most innovative and creative thinkers in medicine, brings a radical new approach to growth and aging via a national non-fiction theatrical tour produced in partnership with AARP Life Reimagined and Colorado Culture Change Coalition, among others. Inspired by Thomas’ new book, “Second Wind: Navigating the Passage to a Slower, Deeper and More Connected Life, the Second Wind tour is visiting 25 cities across the U.S. and will be in Denver on May 23, 1-5 p.m. at The Denver Center for Performing Arts, 1101 13th St.

The half-day performance features theatrical monologues with a cast of speakers, including Dr. Thomas and consumer health expert Dr. Janet Taylor. Boulder-based gerontology expert Harry R. Moody will also share his insights on aging at the Denver event.

The second act of the performance will feature an exclusive 30-minute director’s cut of the Sundance Audience Award documentary film “Alive Inside,” followed by a live musical performance by Musicians for World Harmony Founder Samite Mulondo. The goal of the tour is to start a new conversation that reframes “life after adulthood” as an exciting stage of human growth and developmentÑa time for challenging received attitudes toward aging.

“The Tour challenges the conventional narrative of decline in mid-life and beyond,” says Dr. Thomas. “I want people to connect to the power that arises from finding a ‘second wind’ in life.”

Prior to the Second Wind presentation, two other complementary events will take place in Denver, including “Colorado Transformation in Long-Term Care Communities,” which will focus on how the Eden Alternative and Green House Project are transforming the way elders live in long-term care communities, 9-10:30 a.m., 2480 S. Clermont St. at Clermont Park.

Additionally, a storytelling and improv event about aging, “7 Stories: Slower, Deeper and More Connected,” 9-11 a.m., at Crossroads Theater, 2590 Washington St. No tickets are required.

“The Second Wind tour will be groundbreaking and promises to provide inspiration, insight and a new lens to view aging,” says Dr. Taylor. “After the show is over, we want to provide the tools to help folks find their ‘what’s next?’ in life.”

To learn more about the Second Wind tour, visit secondwindtour.org. To obtain tickets for the “by invitation only” event, please contact Beth Irtz at beth.irtz@focus-consultation.com.

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