DispatchHealth – Bringing Back the Housecall

Do you recall when physicians came directly to your home to provide care? Think Marcus Welby, M.D., black bag in tow. Well, they’re back!

DispatchHealth, a local Denver, CO company, is bringing back the house call with a modern technology twist by providing patients ways to access convenient, high-quality acute care in the comfort of their home or location of need.  Serving the nation’s second-fastest growing market, DispatchHealth is redefining the Denver healthcare landscape as an extension of a patient’s care team and offering services from the common flu to minor fractures to suturing to advanced blood laboratory testing and much more.

Why utilize DispatchHealth?

  • Convenience: Consumers can make immediate care requests on their own time by dialing 303-500-1518
  • Reliable: Downtown Denver based, the medical providers are centrally located to better serve the metro area in a timely manner, far better when compared to waiting 4 hours on average for an ER visit
  • Affordable: Hospital & free-standing ERs are costly places to receive care, on average an ER visit costs $2,200. By decreasing overhead and increasing efficiency, DispatchHealth’s cost range from $200 – $300.
  • Care at Your Place of Need: Make care requests for the medical team to come to your home
  • Extended hours: The team provides care from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., 365 days a year, including holidays — so, acute weekend or holiday medical concerns can be addressed in the home, as opposed to the ER

Who are the DispatchHealth providers?

DispatchHealth’s providers are board certified physicians and nurse practitioners with significant experience evaluating acute injuries and illnesses. In fact, our providers are the same providers that you may see in your local emergency room. DispatchHealth arrives on scene with a Nurse Practitioner and EMT, with a board certified ER physician available virtually. Using the DispatchHealth mobile app to request care even allows for you to see which providers will be arriving to treat you, allowing for additional sense of security and comfort.

What insurances does DispatchHealth accept?

DispatchHealth is contracted (in-network) with all major payers in Colorado, including Medicare, Medicaid, and Tricare. DispatchHealth will bill your insurance directly for the services rendered. Uninsured patients will receive a flat $195 rate per episode for all services.

Learn more at www.DispatchHealth.com.

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