Winners Chosen for “Greater Than Your Age” 55+ National Marketing Campaign

Skyestone Denver has chosen five exceptional people who defy their age and make every day count as the winners of a national marketing contest designed to help put an authentic face on a new 55+ community in Broomfield.

From passionate outdoor recreational enthusiasts to fashionista bloggers, all five winners provide excellent examples of why they are greater than their age.

As part of the contest, Bonnie Tasch, Charlie Winger, Judith Boyd, Bonnie Bowman and Charles Beckman will be featured in Skyestone’s marketing campaigns and will attend the grand opening of the community, slated for early 2014.

“These five, exceptional people truly embody what we’re trying to capture with Skyestone,” said Kathy Curtis, sales manager for the Broomfield community. “Skyestone is about squeezing the most out of life and these five winners are the embodiment of that concept.”

Bonnie Tasch

Bonnie Tasch

Life is a Rich Adventure

Bonnie Tasch, a 27-year resident of Colorado, believes life is a rich adventure. An avid hiker with her husband, Bud, they’ve have become familiar with Colorado summits reaching over 14,000 feet high.

When they’re not out exploring by foot or kayak, the two volunteer at food banks both locally and in Arizona, travel to foreign lands and participate in charity golf tournaments, softball games and tennis matches.

Charlie Winger

Charlie Winger

Passionate and Dedicated

An inspiration to many, Charlie Winger is dedicated to his passion for hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, ice climbing and cross-country skiing. In the consistent pursuit of greatness, he has also co-authored several recreational guidebooks and a memoir, detailing his many adventures.
“When I get out in the mountains, I just feel really good,” Winger said. “It’s a sense of accomplishment.”

Judith Boyd

Judith Boyd

Stylish Inspiration

A truly unique individual, Judith Boyd has touched the lives of many through her fashion blog and colorful style. While working as a master’s level psychiatric nurse at Denver General Hospital, Boyd began incorporating vintage hats into her everyday wardrobe and discovered it helped her bond with her patients.

“I began putting a lot of thought into what I would wear for the day,” Boyd said. “It started with hats. I would buy vintage hats and incorporate them into my outfits. My patients loved them and it helped break the ice. For me, it was a form of meditation, a way to prepare for the day ahead.”

Over the last 30 years she has run several hat and headwear businesses including her Head Hat Peace, which she created for cancer patients suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment. A cause dear to her heart, she and her husband fought cancer for five years during which he encouraged her to start her blog, which is now one of AARP’s favorite blogs by seniors.

“I started the blog around our experience,” Boyd said. “I received a lot of support from people all over the world. It really was a lifeline. Now I blog about my transformation and my moving forward.”

Bonnie Bowman

Bonnie Bowman

Spirited and Successful

Bonnie Bowman ran one of Colorado’s top 100 women-owned businesses, Contract Design Services for 18 years before starting Commercial Flooring. Finally retiring in early 2013 after putting her heart into her businesses, she decided to take an extended vacation to Florida.

“I don’t know if it’s just Colorado that makes you feel young, but people here are so active,” Bowman said. “I love just getting into my car and driving to Estes Park, up to Vail or just driving up to the foothills. Colorado has so many beautiful places to visit.”

Chuck Beckman

Chuck Beckman

Staying Focused and On the Move

Now that they are retired, Chuck Beckman and his wife, Barbara, don’t seem to have much time these days. Retirement, it seems, is busier for both of them than their days in the business world.

“We’re busy each day with some sort of activity,” he said.

Not that Chuck would have it any other way. In fact, he finds that retirement suits him just fine.

“Our philosophy is that we get up each day and we keep active,” he said. “We don’t let little aches and pains get us down. We just try to keep involved with as many activities and events around Denver that we possibly can.”

After a career in restaurant and food service sales, Beckman has moved on to a new vocation, volunteering at Kaiser Permanente as a wellness instructor. He came by the position through his own personal experience. Beckman has lived with diabetes for six decades now.

“I wanted to help others with chronic illnesses learn how to manage daily activities,” he said. “I’ve had a pretty healthy and active life. I wanted to show others how they could do the same.”

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