Date Night

By Gail Hamilton ~

Recently, I was reminded of that part of me that gets ignored, my feminine side and energy. Whereas our Western society is dominated by the male masculine energy-being busy, busy, busy and doing, doing, doing we rarely acknowledge the female feminine side of our Selves! Intuition, compassion, feelings, caring, and loving, all take the back burner.

For the past five months, I’ve been listening to a podcast called “Nothing Much Happens” to train my brain to sleep. (Sidebar, I’ve had insomnia for 35 years, and after trying everything from prescription medications to tea, this is working!!!) In this week’s gentle story, Kathryn Nicolai said she likes:  

Poetry in Spring 

Music in Summer 

Books in Fall 

Movies in winter 

Kathryn got me thinking about how we tend to read books and watch movies in the winter and attend outdoor concerts and other activities in the spring and summer.  

These softer side activities, the side of us that gets ignored most of the time because we’re so busy, we ignore. What if we didn’t? 

Perhaps we should make it a point to have an artistic or date day with our Selves! There’s a book by Julia Cameron called The Artist’s Way. She is a component of everyone having a date night with our Selves/spirits once a week! Attend a concert, listen to a favorite piece of music, read, go to a museum, garden, cook, and get a pedicure. Turn off the world and turn on your creativity. When’s the last time you’ve done any of these things? 

I love to write. Every morning after my breakfast of a healthy smoothie I sit in my recliner, turn on the heating element, pull a blanket over me, read a devotional message, and then write. I like to clear my mind from the clutter from the day before. Sometimes, I write what my plans are for the day. Sometimes, I work out conflicts and/or things I need to say to someone else. Sometimes, I commune with God and spirit. Ninety-nine times out of one hundred, my blogs come from my journal writings.  

I began this practice by reading Julia’s book some thirty-five years ago and continued ever since. Cameron calls this “Morning pages” I call it journaling. Whatever, I permit myself to take time for myself before the day ends.

What are you doing to honor the feminine artistic creative side of you?  

What dormant seeds need fertilizing with love and compassion? 

When’s the last time you’ve had an artistic date with yourself? 

I challenge you to take time out to honor yourself, your complete masculine and feminine Self. As you are bold and confident also remember to be soft and loving. As you are strong, remember to be kind. We all want, you and I to be in trusting loving connecting relationships with ourselves and with others. Part of being in a relationship means taking time out to acknowledge both sides of our Selves. So, breathe, and remember to be kind, loving, caring, and sharing. Take time for a good book, draw a picture, garden, bake bread, sing a song, dance as no one is watching, and Be All of you that is meant to live a fulfilling life. In this way, you’ll change the way you see and change the way you live. 

Mark Your Calendars: 

Sunday, March 17th: Playing piano, autoharp, and singing with Donilyn Watley 

Unity on the Avenue Spiritual Center 

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM 

4670 East 17th Avenue; Denver, CO 80220  

Tuesday, March 19th:  Speaking, The Blind Elephant in the Room, Changing the Way You See and Relate to Others 

 Traditions At Englewood 

1:30 PM 

3500 S Sherman Street, Englewood, CO 80113 

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