Cycling Without Age Littleton Provides Trishaw Eperiences

 08/28/2023 | 08:47 AM 
"Thank you for making Anna's 99th birthday a once-in-a-lifetime memory. She thoroughly enjoyed the ride AND telling the story over and over to her friends the rest of the week. It's a memory she can re-live many times." -her niece, Candie

“Thank you for making Anna’s 99th birthday a once-in-a-lifetime memory. She thoroughly enjoyed the ride AND telling the story over and over to her friends the rest of the week. It’s a memory she can re-live many times.” -her niece, Candie

If you have ever ridden a bike, you have probably experienced the joy and freedom of feeling wind in your hair and taking in the natural beauty surrounding you outside. Our passengers get to experience the same joy and freedom during a trishaw ride.

Cycling Without Age Littleton (CWAL) provides free recreational trishaw experiences for older adults with mobility or stability challenges, and for anyone with special needs who is otherwise unable to ride a bike. We are proud to be a volunteer-run organization with over 80 volunteers committed to CWAL’s mission: to ensure the most vulnerable do not become the least visible and to help volunteers to be the best versions of themselves through piloting, volunteerism, and community support.

Our free trishaw experiences are given in a 3-wheeled electric assist bicycle with a forward bench that carries 1 to 2 passengers with a certified pilot sitting directly behind, ‘driving’ the bike. The trishaw rides mostly occur on the Platte River Trail, often meandering through the gorgeous Hudson Gardens but also explore neighboring bike paths and other local parks. CWAL also loves to help its passengers celebrate birthdays and other special events as well as honor veterans – all from the comfort of the trishaw! 

Barb Lotze, with Bill Nagel and Phil Cernanec, started Cycling Without Age Littleton in 2019 and based their 501(c)3 non-profit on the original organization in Copenhagen. 

Since its inception, CWAL has given almost 3,000 passengers the joy of wind in their hair and is on track to exceed 2,000 in 2023 alone! To date we’ve held 107 birthday and family celebrations and participated in 33 community parades and events. Our rides have also supported residents in 20 older adult facilities, by bringing trishaw experiences to their doors. CWAL recently purchased a van in order to broaden our reach to impact older adults and those with special needs who are unable to come to us.

Our passengers benefit physically, mentally, socially and psychologically from both being outdoors, enjoying the ‘wind in their hair’ and from sharing life stories with their fellow passengers and the pilot. Trishaw experiences provide cross-generational conversations and social interactions between

pilots and passengers, and with the family members who partake in the many trishaw-based celebrations. The impact doesn’t stop there, either! The community at large engages with the passengers and pilots as they smile and wave to trishaws passing by, marveling at the unique rig and its contents. Additionally, a wide swath of local businesses support CWAL through financial donations and goody bags to help celebrate and honor the passengers’ special events. 

CWAL held our first fundraising event, Rock & Roll Roundup, on Wednesday August 16th hosted by RiverPointe Senior Living. Our presenting sponsor, Comfort Keepers, as well as numerous other sponsors hosted festival games such as balloon art, face painting, pony rides, and food trucks for dinner. Old Man Rock provided their entertaining live music which was enjoyed by our many supporters. 

Proceeds from the evening will go toward CWAL’s continued mission to minimize loneliness and isolation, uplift spirits, provide freedom, laughter and smiles for all our passengers. 

There is NO feeling like riding a bike and CWAL is committed to ensuring that those who cannot ride a bike are still able to experience that thrill. When our passengers and pilots go out together on a trishaw experience, they are engaging with each other, absorbing the beauty of nature, and seeing the delighted smiles of those they pass. A trishaw experience changes everyone involved as these simple elements come together in a profound way, allowing each person to feel valued, happy, and reinvigorated. Would you or anyone you know like to have a trishaw experience or help us out by donating? Just call our amazing scheduler Jinny – 414-861-4877!

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