Creative Eldering: Energy and Your Emotions

At a child’s birthday party, a magician in a top-hat dazzled children with his tricks. He removed his tall, black hat and showed the captivated audience the empty hat. Soon after each child had seen that nothing was in the magician’s hat, the magician reached in and began to pull out a beautiful red scarf. As he continued to pull, a rich blue scarf appeared attached to the red one. The magician kept pulling and more brightly colored scarves appeared from deep within his hat.

Much like magic scarves appearing out of thin air during a magician’s act, human emotions may lurk deep in hidden areas and express themselves in strange ways and seemingly out of nowhere. Each emotion, like the scarves, is often connected to another and the more they are exposed, the more apparent it becomes how deeply connected they are. If your emotions are not expressed as readily as the magician’s scarves, you may suffer “physically, mentally, spiritually. Sometimes an inability to express deep thoughts or feelings of anger, sadness, or love causes emotions to become energetically congested in one or more organ/energy systems of the body” (Your Body Can Talk, 2nd Edition, 54).

As an elder, you have a lifetime of experiences and emotions to reflect on. In a perfect world, only positive and wonderful experiences would occur, but that is not reality. Instead, negative experiences and emotions can serve to contrast and even heighten the joy and pleasure of more happy times. When appropriately addressed, even your negative emotions can serve a positive purpose.

It is completely normal to experience a full range of emotions throughout your lifetime, including sadness, anger, excitement, joy, love and many others. When each of your emotions are given a proper outlet and acknowledgement, you can remain healthy, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Sometimes your emotions become repressed or ignored and this can lead to dis-ease throughout your body. Two to three thousand years ago, the ancient Chinese began to develop the Chinese Five Element Theory. The Five Element Theory connects each of the main emotions, to a particular element and a corresponding organ.

This theory links emotional issues to physical health issues and illustrates how each disease within the physical body manifests as a result of unexpressed feelings and emotions. “Take anger, for example. Most people encounter any number of anger-causing events throughout life. However, at the time, anger may go unexpressed for one reason or another. The
vestiges of such unreleased anger are then stored inside the body” (Your Body Can Talk, 2nd Edition, 56). According to the Five Element Theory, much like bile, anger begins in the liver and is stored in the gallbladder. Unexpressed anger can also affect your urinary bladder.

In order to treat the “whole-body,” a natural healthcare provider will consider you as a whole person, your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health as inseparable components.

If there is emotional distress within your body and physical ailments occur as a result, many natural and (w)holistic treatment options exist to effectively treat the issue. Clinical Kinesiology muscle testing can help find the best treatment option for you. Amino acids like GABA, Taurine, Glycine and others can help you cope with emotional stress. Homeopathic remedies are a very gentle and effective treatment option that “allow release or drainage of “core” emotion/energy from unbalanced organ or acupuncture meridians. Furthering the energy/emotion balance may also require physical aspects of treatment including acupuncture, nutrition, gentle chiropractic adjustments, or other natural means” (Your Body Can Talk, 2nd Edition, 56).

It is important as wise elders to actively pursue optimal health and wellness in all aspects of life. A vitally important way to maintain whole-body health is to ensure that your emotional health is at its prime. Many natural options exist for treatment of emotional imbalances. To learn more about how to achieve the healthiest emotional state, you can read Chapter 3: Energy and Your Emotions in Your Body Can Talk, 2nd Edition.

Article written by Susan L. Levy, D. C. Author of “Your Body Can Talk, 2nd Edition” and “Your Aging Body Can Talk”

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