Creative Eldering: A New Approach to Healthy Aging

~ By Susan L. Levy, D.C., Author of “Your Body Can Talk” ~

Your Body Can TalkAre you using the wisdom you’ve learned throughout your years to live your healthiest and best life possible? Are your elder years as fulfilling and enjoyable as you imagined them to be?

As a healthcare practitioner and author, I have made it my ikigai, or life’s purpose, to help people be as healthy and happy as possible. Let me introduce myself, I am Dr. Susan Levy, a Colorado native and a (w)holistically orientated Chiropractor with decades of experience in healthcare. My career began with training as a nursing assistant. I then became a massage therapist, a registered nurse and a doctor of Chiropractic care. I am certified in acupuncture and have studied numerous other healing modalities and noninvasive diagnostic techniques including Clinical Kinesiology.

The basis and foundation of my books, “Your Body Can Talk, 2nd Edition” and “Your Aging Body Can Talk,” is Clinical Kinesiology. It is a unique method of evaluating an individual person’s state of health through muscle testing. When I test a patient using the method of Clinical Kinesiology, I use their body as the main diagnostic instrument in order to determine their state of health and balance.

Clinical Kinesiology is an innovative technique used to delve into understanding your body and its physiology. In this application, you are your own diagnostic instrument. The technique involves using your own healthy and intact muscles, usually an uninjured arm or leg to communicate your body’s messages. In essence, Clinical Kinesiology uses the movement and function of your body to extract information from your internal database. For a much more thorough explanation and understanding of Clinical Kinesiology, you can read the first chapter of my book, “Your Body Can Talk, 2nd Edition” and the introduction of my upcoming book, “Your Aging Body Can Talk.”

Over the course of this 10 month series I will explore several important facets of what I call “Creative Eldering.” The following articles in this series will explore eldering as it is seen through many various cultures and traditions. There will be guidelines and principles you can follow in order to define your new “youthing” lifestyle. I will discuss methods to enhance your physical mobility and offer exercises that honor your body’s limitations while still encouraging an active lifestyle in your older years. Other articles will present information on healthy diet and nutrition choices and tips on moving toxins and inflammation out of your body. Toward the end of this series I will delineate strategies that maintain brain longevity and promote youthful eldering. The themes of learning how to walk your healthiest path through elderhood and how to fully recognize yourself as a wise elder will be interwoven throughout this series.

The Creative Eldering series will follow the format of my upcoming book to introduce you to new concepts and remind you of familiar common sense health principles. “Your Aging Body Can Talk” will be available on May 1, 2017. Until my next article, I hope you joyously reflect on the various traditions that you have created within your family and community throughout your lifetime.

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