Creating Community, Independence, A Way of Life!

~ By Jessica Edgar, 
Prime Time For Seniors ~

Last we spoke with Gary Sobol, his Foundations Exercise Class for People with Parkinson’s spanned 15 states with over 560 certified trainers. His class is now being offered in 23 states (60 cities) with over 2800 participants. The goal is to have a presence in every state.

One of the more important areas of growth, I believe, for Gary’s Foundation Class, is its reach into assisted living facilities and other areas of the community. They are currently training two to three people per facility in Morningstar. The Sunrise facilities are also beginning to train individuals. In 13 states, they have programs in Fit Life Clubs. They are now on the National MS Navigator. Also, Silver Sneaker approved!

Gary is approaching 80 years young and still spreading his message. The EZ Sobol Network is looking into expanding financial partners or managers that have roots in Boulder. Gary is also available to start programs anywhere in the country and is a phenomenal speaker for any group. Funding is challenging, but the Parkinson’s Foundation will help sponsor local events where all money goes into Parkinson’s programs.

To help in the continued success of Gary Sobol’s Foundations Exercise Class and the GZ Sobol’s Parkinson’s Network, we need to help get the word out! Especially now in the MS community! The 75 minute class focuses on eight critical areas: Rigidity, Hand Dexterity, Akinesia, Bradykinesia, Postural Stability, Balance, Cognition, and Gait. It follows the three E’s as well: Everyone is welcome to the class at any physical level. Everything is included, not just Parkinson’s patients, also those with MS and other neurodegenerative diseases. Everywhere is the goal, all over the United States.

Gary Sobol’s Foundations Exercise Class is not an ordinary physical therapy class. It is a community that offers support, encouragement, and accountability. The class becomes a way of life that helps with your independence and gives you a place to go. Your own tribe.

Go to to look at class schedules, see how you can participate in their community, or to simply donate to this amazing foundation. Gary Sobol and Barbara Jaynes are ready to get you moving. They are looking to get the younger generation involved and help to improve the program.

The GZ Sobol Parkinson’s Network is completely funded by Donations! Please consider donating to this amazing program that brings hope to so many!

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