Copper Moutain, Guitar Town

The idea of Guitar Town was to show off their guitars.  They did well.

We arrived early, so as not to miss Tony Joe White in case he was early.  It was chilly to begin with, then the sun creeped out, full blown, and it became hot while we baked in the sun for four hours and looked like one of those lobsters.

Singers and guitar players came and went, but they weren’t Tony.

Finally, Tony walked out on the stage and sat down. Now mind you, I’ve been waiting since 1968 to see this guy, I’m now seventy-one. He shifted a little to get comfortable, I guess.  Then he hit it, Solo…
The next song, though, he had a drummer.  This drummer was an older guy with a bald head.  Looked kinda’ like me.  Turns out he was very good.  Tony Joe is a fantastic performer, but is a highly neglected figure.  One day people will wake up.

Just before Tony Joe came on there were two guys in front of me.  I looked around at the people folding chairs and leaving.  I told the two “They’re leaving too soon.  This next guy is good”.  Then I told them that Tony Joe was famed for “Polk Salad Annie” and “Rainy Night in Georgia.”  Their eyes lit up.

After the performance I wobbled over (pinched nerve in spine) to where Tony was signing autographs.  Then I saw he was trying to get out of the fence.  I knew I had to act fast.  He was moving.  I yelled, “Aaa, Mr White, I need an autograph”.  He didn’t hesitate, what a guy.

All and all we had a good time.  Meeting him made it a great time.  It’s hard to wait for his next CD.  It is called “HooDoo.”

Submitted by Mick Addington

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