Consumer Alert! Medicare Card Telemarketing Scam

Senior citizens have recently been targeted by a fraudulent telemarketing scheme. Seniors are receiving telephone calls from individuals claiming to be from Medicare. The caller is claiming Medicare is sending them new cards. The caller is asking the senior to verify their name and address and then asking them for their banking information. This is a scam. Hang up on the caller and report it to officials.

Medicare only sends new cards when you have misplaced your cards or you enroll in a new plan. Never give your Medicare number, which is your Social Security Number, to anyone randomly calling you on the phone. This is an attempt to steal your identity.

Steps to take:

  • Do not provide personal information to anyone over the telephone if you did not initiate the call.
  • Immediately end any phone conversation with anyone that asks for personal information over the phone.
  • Do not carry your Medicare card with you. Make a photocopy of the card, cross out the plan number and carry the photocopy with you. Secure your original card in a safe location.
  • Report the fraudsters to the Office of Inspector General, Health and Human Services at 800-447-8477 or

If you become a victim of identity theft, file a report with your local law enforcement agency. The District AttorneyÕs Consumer Protection line provides assistance to victims of crime and answers questions on white collar crime issues. If you have a question or need assistance, call 720-874-8547.

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