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When I was run off the road and suffered multiple head, facial, and neck fractures, I was lucky. I  had so many people who were there in the beginning to help my family and myself get through the first  couple of weeks. As time went on, and insurance took its time to start working, I started really feeling  the effects of what life being disabled was going to be like. Life was not going to stop and wait for my  recovery. Between losing motorcycles, trucks, homes, and honestly, self-respect, I decided I wanted to  be there for others and help them to make a payment on a vehicle, home, electricity, or keep food on a  table, we are helping lessen stress from an already exceedingly difficult situation.

My friends in business were some of the people who tried the hardest to help me. these friends  of mine, that could not hardly keep their doors open, were doing everything that they could to continue  to help me. As a point of fact, five of the inspiration businesses that I wanted to do good for have shut  down or are under new ownership. This hurt me personally. This made me want to find a way to thank  them and other small businesses that do not have a firm safety net for difficulties like the floods, fires or  COVID 19.  

It does no good for a business owner to do business somewhere that everyone suffers. And  more to the point, no one really likes to see others suffering. People would like to give but rising prices have left them in difficult situations and unable to take care of family, much less help others in need.  Community Pay it Forward Fundraising was an idea made from gratitude, need, want, love,  stubbornness, and even anger, and turned into something that has started to become something  special. I have already expressed why I am so incredibly grateful. My friends, Groups like Friends in the  Wind and its leader Rebel, and family, all of which are truly my family, got together to help me out.  Including the great businesses in Northern Colorado. No one would be able to know how much this  means to me. I have a need to help. I put together my first fundraiser when I was 16 years old when I  had two friends inured in a motorcycle accident. I know, I know. It is a passion. It’s not easy, but even  when it is not perfect, it is so rewarding personally. I wanted to do something to help others and love to  solve problems. Stubbornness, I am not a guy who likes to sit still, and I am one of the worst patents in  the world, doctors hate me. And anger, look, to keep it short, no one ever deserves to go cold when  there are clothing sitting in closets that do not get worn. Period. Life is hard for everyone at times and  we should all be willing to help others. Even if they do not have the same beliefs.  

Community Pay it Forward Fundraising is amazingly simple. You shop, and they will donate to  the cause you choose, you love, you support. Businesses have agreed to give a portion of sales to causes  ranging from families, kids, heroes, both country and community, with needs, charitable organizations,  startup businesses, disaster relief, and more. Simply make up your honey do list, go to and find partners who can complete your needs, email us the receipt, and let us know  which cause partner, listed on the website, you would like to donate too. We get with the selling partner  with an invoice and send the agreed portion to the cause you support. This is done in the form of driven  marketing because we are unable to be a 501c3. We cannot be a 501c3 organization because the  officials will tell you it is impossible to help everyone, and they will tell us we need to concentrate on one of the causes. I say, you just must try. Because, out of the causes I listed, who could you inform that they are not worth time to raise money for.

Community Dare to Care is also available to people offering free clothing, housewares, toiletries,  and more to people in need who are great people in need. We take the opinion that the items we hold  were donated from the community, to the community, that is where we want them to go. Our intention  is to expand this service to wherever we can find people to support and operate them. Eventually, we  are looking for a brick-and-mortar building where we can institute other services such as computer lab,  bike, and tent repair, and resume instruction. Along with guidance to other resources to help lift others.  Community Dare to Care is also immensely proud to offer food assistance for Thanksgiving and  Christmas. This last year, we handed out 250 food boxes for families and about 250 hot meals as well. We were also able to assist some with gifts for the children. 

We are starting small; you must start somewhere. Our mission is to be there when no one else  can be. With the continued support we have gained plus the help from some of our new friends, like  you, we cannot be stopped. We have found a way to do what we have always been told we cannot do,  help everyone. We may not be able to give everything they need. But the help we can offer is more than  they were able to get in other places.  

Please set up a time to talk via Zoom if you have any questions at We ask you to please consider joining the  Community Pay it Forward Fundraising Family or Donate to Community Dare to Care to make sure we  are able to keep the donations free of charge. 

Please feel free to call us at (970) 909-0751 

Thank you! 

Zak Clayton

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